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Club Information Sheet

Child Protection Policy

How to run a club event

Joint events with other clubs


Club Rules


Membership leaflet

Membership form


Age-related registration information sheet

Inspection form

Tax disc poster

Tax reminder discs

V765 information sheet

V765 - a guide to completing form V55/5


East Anglian Run on 20 May 2018: GPX tracks for outward & return rides.

Peninsularis Run on 8 July 2018: Route sheet, Map, and GPX tracks for outward & return rides.

CARD Run on 29 July 2018: Map and GPX tracks for outward, extended, & return rides.

Signing on sheet and ‘Day membership’ sheet for club events
(please contact the Events Secretary to get an event number before using these forms).

Show cards to fit tax disc holders


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2017 AGM: Draft Minutes

2017 AGM: Accounts

September 2017 Committee Meeting: Draft Minutes

April 2017 Committee Meeting: Minutes

2016 AGM: Draft minutes

2016 AGM: Accounts

September 2016 Committee Meeting: Minutes

2015 AGM: minutes

2015 AGM: Accounts

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