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Our new section met on November 28 at the Aviator Hotel at Sywell Aerodrome just north of Northampton.  Eleven people (including me) turned up and we agreed to meet as an EACC section called ‘Mid Shires’ on a monthly basis.  The title is appropriate as those attending came from Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire—not that we are restricting anyone else from attending!

Latest News

30 January 2019—Venue: The Aviator, Sywell Aerodrome, Northants.


Steve Middleditch has been working on his September ride route and has a couple of options the second finishing at and including a BBQ at his home.  Both options are 36 miles separated by a break for a coffee at Pitsford reservoir.  The ride date is to be mid-September and to be finalised when Steve’s work rotas are confirmed.  Start location is The Aviator.

We had been asked to consider taking over the organisation of the Duloe Daffodil Dash and Dave Osborn, who has been involved in the past, had circulated details and provided information on previous events.  He had intended to attend the meeting but the bad weather and a cold had made him cancel and send his apologies.  Duloe village hall has been demolished on health and safety grounds so Matt Embleton has been reviewing and riding routes and I had circulated his suggestions to all by e-mail.  In principle it is the same as last year’s route but with Grafham Water’s Harbour View Café car park as the departure point.  Lunch to be taken at the Fox and Hounds was suggested (I have e-mailed them but have no response so far) so that part is work in progress.  This leg is 24 miles.  The return route is 17 miles and, as Matt confirms, has a number of ‘bale out’ diversions to shorten the route should the less powerful bikes need them.  We agreed to advertise the event but suggest that people contact us (me) for details when finalised.  Roger Duffy and his son Rowan have offered to provide a back-up vehicle.  It is an estate car with room for a bike laying over/down (fuel may need to be drained) or he has a tow bar if someone could provide a trailer for the day.  Alternately any broken-down bikes could be secured and the rider returned to the start to collect his own transport.  It was also agreed that we need more time to get this organised and as we were changing the date and start point the event should be renamed the Mid Shires Inaugural Ride.  The proposed date is Sunday 12 May.  I will advise Dave Watson so he can advertise it in The MAC.

Matt and Steve have put quite a lot of work into the routes so far so on behalf of the section—thanks guys.

With only two rides being planned so far, it was suggested other members should consider working on more routes for rides, either similar to the above or perhaps shorter evening ride routes as the seasons improve.

Other Events

Jim Lee, a VMCC and EACC member, had emailed me with the following details of an event he would like to invite our members to, he says:

I belong to the Gliding Club at Husbands Bosworth just off the A4304, a stone’s throw from Stanford Hall, and we have a vintage Glider Club event there on July 20th to July 26th 2019, venue: Husbands Bosworth Airfield, Lutterworth, LE17 6JJ, when all those riding old two-wheelers, mopeds, autocycles, step-thrues, scooters, motor cycles, will be most welcome.  Including those on modern bikes.  VMCC Members are also being informed by me.  Restaurant and ample parking is all available, but something solid to put you bikes stand on would be useful due to it being a grass airfield, as the Wellington bombers and Spitfires left in 1946.

Wrinkly Runs with Pure Triumph

Matt has already provided me with a list of these runs for larger bikes which I circulated.  Let me know if you need a copy.

EACC Rotherham Weekend: 7–9 June

I attended this weekend last year and found it very enjoyable as the surrounding countryside is great to ride around.  There are a few hills though.  It’s a proper campsite and caters for tents, caravans and motorhomes so there is a charge.  There are hills too but my Mobylette and a couple of VeloSoleXes managed the routes, so they weren’t that bad.  (I did some pedalling though.)  If you want details let me know.

Section Members details

We all agreed it would be good to keep a central list of all our names, addresses, contact numbers and e-mail addresses.  We discussed listing bikes we owned (and the attached knowledge) and details of any specialist tools we owned.  Steve Middleditch volunteered to create the necessary form and to keep a central database.  He has already produced forms.  He says:

Attached are the data sheets for the section members.  They have been designed to be printed and completed using a pen as we’ll need a wet signature for GDPR; I don’t have the expertise for a digital signature!  If members want to fill these out now, could they please print them, fill them out then send them back by either scanning them in or photographing them and then e-mail them to me at .  Please remember I have made the form to capture as much information as possible.  I have also tried to imagine how this information might be used in the future.  The only information we really need is names, a means of contact, EACC membership number and the information sharing &use tick boxes and signature.  Everything else is at the member’s discretion to share.

If you could fill them in and return them to Steve electronically or, failing that, bring them to the next meeting, he will be able to retain the information on our behalf.

Other points raised.

It was suggested we start a Facebook page and one of our number (sorry I still haven’t learned everyone’s name yet) agreed to look into starting one.  (I run one for another organisation so can offer help if needed.)

Section badges/stickers: again there was interest in getting something done but and I paraphrase: ‘not a cog with a poor logo in it’.

It may help next time to have some basic stick-on labels and a felt marker next time so we can wear a Name Label and give people with a poor memory for names a chance to learn everyone else’s.

I think that is all we discussed (well it’s all I wrote down) apart from someone else to run the meetings while I do the paperwork … no volunteers, but then Steve has shown willing with his forms so I will work on him I think.  (Matt explained living in two locations meant he couldn’t help like that, so anyone else want to put their hand up?)
Next meeting 8pm at The Aviator on 27th February.
Apologies for any errors or omissions.
Ray Paice

30 November 2018

Our new section met on November 28 at the Aviator Hotel at Sywell Aerodrome just north of Northampton.  Eleven people (including me) turned up and we agreed to meet as an EACC section called ‘Mid Shires’ on a monthly basis.  The title is appropriate as those attending came from Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire—not that we are restricting anyone else from attending!  We have another nine who could not attend last night but are keen to be involved.

Our plan is to meet on the last Wednesday of each month at the same venue (as long as there are no conflicting functions on at the hotel) with the aim of arranging rides out, shows, mutual assistance, and tool sharing.  There will be no meeting in December though.

We already have a ride out organised for the middle of September and other members have agreed to start looking at routes for rides starting in March.  Also discussed were steam fairs and other shows.  I agreed to be the liaison/co-ordinator on the understanding I would not be be doing everything in isolation and everyone was happy with this.
Ray Paice.

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