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About us

The Norfolk Section arranges events within Nelson’s county.  We have regular meetings, which involve mopeds, autocycles, cyclemotors and a pub … somewhere in Norfolk, on the second Wednesday of each month.  They include road runs in the summer months.  So if you are interested in owning, restoring or riding low powered machines from the past, no matter what age or condition your machine, you are most welcome here in the county well suited to ‘gutless wonders’.  Contact us for more details.

Latest News

10 May 2023

May 2023 was also a good meet.  The summer months are now upon us: light nights and mild weather; hopefully even more fellow moped owners will come and join us.  Holiday-making EACC members are always welcome, bring your bike (or not) after all Norfolk is flat—until you need to pedal!


29 April 2023

Last Saturday of the month Brunch Run—Take 2

Not any sort of official section run, but after the previous week’s Bown failure and missing out on my medium breakfast fix, I was determined to try again.  I invited others to join me, Mike from just opposite came along and I’m glad to say it was completed without incident.  There was a minor deviation and a closed road, but still we made it to Bacton via the scenic route in good time.  Paul was already there also on his Bown and Jon S joined us a bit later.  Jon returned home, Paul joined Mike and I to Sea Palling for the almost mandatory ice cream.

Dave Watson

22 April 2023

Last Saturday of the month Brunch Run

Due to me thinking I wouldn’t be available and there being five Saturdays in April, it was agreed by the collective that we would meet on Sat 22nd April at Bacton again.  10:00ish at mine or meet 11:00ish at the café.  Rob messaged to say he will be at mine for 1am—doh!  Ian ‘Iron butt’ K was first to arrive on the AV89 all the way from Reedham.  Mike pushed the NSU Quick from his home opposite and Davis arrived from Ormesby.  we four set off and all was well until Sutton when my Bown suddenly cried enough.  It was diagnosed as no petrol flow problem from the tank and resolved.  Taking the scenic route the Bown cried again, sorted the fuel flow issue but within about a hundred yards the engine locked up solid (more about that another day).  Too late for brunch and thanks to Ian offering a pillion ride back home we stopped at Potter Heigham for a burger.  Having enjoyed their brunch Chris E, Martin N, Jon S, and Rob—all on big bikes—join us.  Chris gave me a lift for the last few miles.  Then I went in the car to collect the Bown from the very nice man who came out from the egg company to see if we were OK when the bike stopped.  He kindly looked after it for me, while we did some clever footwork.  Happy Days.

Dave Watson

12 April 2023

No fooling, fourteen of us gathered at The Bluebell for another monthly meeting of chin wagging, fine dining and good beerhaviour.  Attendees included, Ian × 2, John × 2, Tony & his mate from the environs of Ormesby, Paul, Wil, David, Bob, Colin, Andy, Matthew, and Matt.  Four new chaps came along to see what we were all about.  They included a brave restorer of an RM9 and a multiple Jawa Babetta owner.  Ormesby won the prize for most representatives, with Sheringham & Norwich coming joint second.  It is always great to see how people of varying ages, backgrounds and skills come together.  Talk covers a vast range of topics from the bikes we own and cherish to technical stuff, plus subjects far outside the scope of EACC membership.  The beer was good even though two pumps were not on tap and the food never disappoints.  We are not only in the pub diary as a fixture but they now have our number in case they can’t feed or accommodate us.  Our host, Bernie, was absent, possibly on leave but we were well served by his more attractive staff who always deal kindly with us.


25 March 2023

Last Saturday of the month Brunch Run

On a dodgy looking day with scattered showers forecast and quite windy four members of the Norfolk Auto Cycle Collective (not registered) were the first to arrive at Watsons Café in Bacton.  Paul was first there on his Bown, then Mike (NSU Quick) and me on a Norman Model C with no engine covers (that’s a story for another day) arrived.  We then saw Keith Ashby (New Hudson) fly past and get to the gas terminal before returning to meet us.  Davis on his Puch and Ian on a big bike then appeared, shortly followed by Jon on the second Puch of the day.  We had almost finished eating when Robert whizzed by on the Trojan, having pedalled it through North Walsham due to roller slip on the wet roads.  All fed, Keith returned to Holt, Jon to Sheringham and Rob all the way back to Hevingham.  That would be a hell of a journey with a head wind and it rained quite heavy as we departed.  Arriving at Sea Palling we had lost Paul who apparently had told Ian to carry on and if need be would call his wife out.  She was not needed, after a plug clean he was away again.  Main topic while taking refreshments (some had their Ice Creams, I opted for donuts) was old comedy sketches and the Muppets.

Dave Watson

Norfolk Brunch Meet

7 March 2022

Spring the clocks forward: Sunday 27 March

We meet at Martham Village Hall, White St, Martham, NR29 4PG from half past nine.  The village hall event has a large concrete car park,
Martham Village Hall
while tea, coffee, toilets, etc, will be available before and after the run.  At eleven o’clock we pedal off for a 15-mile amble up the coast to sunny Walcott.
Walcott Café
Cafe, fish & chips, and ice cream are available—or have a picnic on the beach.
Walcott beach
Then it’s an inland amble back to the village hall.

26 July 2021

South Norfolk Bimble: Saturday 12 June

I posted on our Facebook group page (with not much notice) of potentially arranging another run from my home as the weather forecast was looking good.  Some replied ‘can’t make it’ and Robert Bird said Saturday was best for him: ‘over to you mate’.  Rob had been thinking about a run on rural roads around the area local to him for a while and it was game on.  It would be from his Poringland home if there weren’t many, or he had a plan B if more car parking was required.  I rode in the 25 miles via the Reedham Ferry on the ultra-reliable PC50, Wil Hawkes came on his little Panther from the Frozen North (beyond Stalham) and Martin ‘Honda Boy’ Naggs joined en route. We had a very enjoyable ride with a couple of stops and on to Loddon for a bite to eat, all very lovely by the River Chet, Wil headed back home from there and the three of us continued on some great moped-friendly roads for a swift half at The Ferry House, Surlingham.  With about a mile to go of the 35-mile run, the little Honda stopped, like they do when they run out of fuel.  Topped up, back to Rob’s and home again over the Ferry.  Thanks to Rob for organising a great day.

Evening Run: Wednesday 16 June

Following on from the Saturday run, Rob said about coming over the Reedham Ferry with a moped from his side; I said I would meet him on my side.  Rob, Chris E and Martin N (on a big bike) had almost finished their drink at the Nelson Head (no food available) when I arrived.  We moved on to the Ferry Inn (no food available) and enjoyed our crisps by the river.

Summer Solstice Run: Monday 21–Tuesday 22 June

I had suggested doing a run from the East of the county to the West near to the longest day to a few but nobody seemed interested (probably had more sense).  It is 80 miles across and I was thinking it would be easy in a day and, potentially, I could also do the return within the 18 hours of daylight available.
Monday: Not the early start I had envisaged: departing during the school run on a sort of suck it and see attempt, alone with just extra fuel and my AA membership card.  Beach Road, Winterton on Sea was rather dull (as per the forecast) and windy for a quick photo and, just 1.8 miles inland at East Somerton for another, it was quite chilly riding, but at a leg stretch by the river at Coltishall it was nice and sunny sheltered from the wind.  I hadn’t noticed how cold I was riding when I surprised Keith Garner with a visit at Swanton Morley, hypothermia had almost set in.  Thanks to him and Pat, after a couple of hours and brews I had warmed up and rode the 40 miles back home and put the bike in the car.
Tuesday was going to be another suck it and see day (or not) depending on the weather, saying to Keith and Pat if my car is on your drive in the morning I would be out on the second leg.  The Bown never missed a beat with plenty of breaks to check the route for the next 40 miles to the River Nene at River Road, West Walton on the other side it’s Cambridgeshire.  Nothing there other than the smelly river, mission completed I headed back.  At a break to rest my aching neck (Norfolk’s finest rural roads are not the best when on an old autocycle) and check my route.  What a surprise to have Barrie Brasted pull up alongside; I hadn’t seen him since he moved about five years ago, great going back to his for a catch up.  Back to Swanton Morley for a brew and I relived Keith of a couple of his unloved bikes.

Dave Watson

17 November 2020

Unfortunately it has been a lean year for us due to Covid and its restrictions since our March monthly meeting.

The planned Broads Run in April had to be cancelled.

As lockdown was eased Chris, Rob, and Martin did have a few summer Tuesday evening meets and some did attend the Old Buckenham, Whitwell, and Ormesby bike nights—but not for me.  On the Norfolk Section Facebook group I did arrange some evening ride-ins to Walcott, but there was no need for the ‘rule of six’ police to get excited.

The 2nd Coast and Broad Run in October was also cancelled early on as the hall wasn’t going to be available; nearer the time, and again on Facebook, I posted that we could possibly go ahead with a small group and to get in touch as we would be doing it from my home.  Ian M got in touch and said he couldn’t make it!  Chris E was having loads of problems with his New Hudson autocycle that had done over 900 trouble free miles since acquisition & rebuild and he was hoping to get it over the 1,000 mile barrier (it did seem like a barrier the bike didn’t want to go through).  Ian, Chris, and I had a great day on the Thursday doing what would of been the club’s Broads Run route; whenever we stopped we would have holiday makers coming over and chatting—it was a rare sight to see three New Hudsons all the same model but in the different colours.  We could fill the MAC with Chris’s bike’s problems and today was not without issue!

Chris, Martin, and Jon had been in touch for the Sunday and it was great that Greg and Paul also came along.  Coast and Broad route it was to be, we set off early as nobody else was expected, first stop was to be the Waxham Long Barn café but Paul’s Wisp had a little technical interlude before that when the exhaust manifold nut came undone.  The café is highly recommended!  Just after Sea Palling, along a coastal track, the small-wheeled Wisp went squiffy in the blown sand and Paul had an off!  The Wisp didn’t want to run properly after that and spent the rest of the day playing up.  Next planned stop was at the Happisburgh car park where the road abruptly ends due to the coastal erosion.  Double back a bit and inland to the Pleasure Boat Inn, Hickling for a Covid-style lunch enjoyed alfresco (it was a lovely day and we probably would have been outside anyway).  It was such a nice day that we next stopped at Potter Heigham for ice creams.  We then had a little detour to catch up with Ian and back to Martham—it was nearly 6:00pm when we finished.  A fantastic day out in great company.

Dave Watson

13 March 2020

March Meeting (11th)

Beware the rides of March, said the soothsayer, so we didn’t have one.  In preference to a chilly, windswept, and possibly moist ride, we chose to retire to the comfort of an inn, or at least the Bluebell in North Walsham, for the March meeting of the Norfolk Section.  Eleven chaps, minus ladies, got together to chat, quaff, and chew.  Among our number were three Ians, two Johns, and several individuals.  One John was a guest, welcomed from the high life of Finsbury Park, father-in-law of Ian de B.  Dave ‘the Doctor’ Watson gave us much entertainment with a rather natty quiz of which Ian de O was the winner; he is our reigning quiz champion and a knowledgeable chap too.  April should provide us with sufficient daylight for a ride to the meeting and a candlelit wobble home.  See you at the Hill House in Happisburgh (Haisbro’ to the locals).


13 February 2020

February Meeting (12th)

Twelve good men and true[*] gathered at The Bluebell for the February meeting of the Norfolk Section.  We had a surfeit of Ians and representatives from all around the eastern edge of the county including most of the regulars.  Ian de O produced an amusing and enlightening quiz into which he had put a great deal of effort.  David won & hopefully he will reciprocate next time.  As usual the food was good and the beer was well cared for too.  Subjects under discussion included supercharging a Panther single, plenum chambers, and the maths behind them, future events, kill switches, small French cars, sports mopeds, auctions & prices of the sort of bikes which interest us, and the HEC autocycle.  Much else was talked about but with 12 people chatting it was difficult for your ‘on the ped’ reporter to catch all of it.  The ‘who rode tonight’ prize went to Ian de O who had ridden five miles on his small Yamaha to get to the point at which he could get a lift.  Next month we are back at The Bluebell and then, who knows where.


[*] When this phrase was coined, in the early 17th century, ‘good’ implied distinguished rank or valour.

13 January 2020

January Meeting (8th)

Eight[*] men watching a Meccano knitting machine is not something you would expect at an EACC meeting, even in Norfolk, but it happened nonetheless.  Bob had created the device after seeing one at the Model Engineers exhibition.  His model worked excellently and was quite intriguing.  Meanwhile mopeds and autocycles were discussed at length particularly with new attendee, Martin from Norwich who was keen to acquire knowledge about the finer points of Mobylette restoration.  It was good to see a new face at the January meeting; we hope to see Martin again.  Three regulars were missing, Ian de S was away and the dynamic duo of Kemp and Lunken were much missed from amongst the throng.  The Bluebell staff did such a good job of looking after us that we will be back in February and March.  Come & join us, we only bite food not people.  Second Wednesday in the month about 7pm-ish.

Meccano knitting machine
We know how to have fun in Norfolk!

Apologies for the tardy delivery of this report; I have been working on my Mobylette.


[*] Nine people attended but one had left before the machine was on display.

15 December 2019

December Meeting (11th)

Harpo, Groucho, Chico, Tim, Bill, Graeme, Wilson, Keppel, and Betty were not there but nine of us were at the December meeting of the Norfolk Section.  The warm fire in the bar attracted members to warm themselves as we waited for food to be cooked at the Kings Arms in Martham.  David was warned not to stand an autocycle frame too close to the fire in case the heat melted the brazing.

An autocycle frame too close to the fire

We enjoyed our food, the beer, and the quiz carefully and cleverly concocted by quizmaster Sapey.  We had no crackers or funny hats but Chris found a ‘magic fish’, which entertained us as it flipped, wriggled, or lay dead on our hands.  It was a good evening as an end of year gathering and we all agreed to meet up in January 2020 at North Walsham.  After an evening of chat and good company plus the eventual return of lost property, we parted for our homes.  We had more than doubled the crowd in the pub, so we might be welcomed back next December.


15 November 2019

November Meeting (13th)

Two Lifeboats were not required to rescue all our members safely gathered in the pub of that name in Sheringham.  Nine of us braved chilly weather to meet up but none so brave as Jon on his Ariel Three; he rode from the next parish into town.

The mystery bike
Jon arrives on the ex-Paul Ariel Three

Sadly nobody stole it while we were in the pub.  Sailing, motor sport, gramophones, old 78s, tyres, Panthers, Zombies: all of which topics interest various member of the Norfolk Section of the EACC and none of which are mopeds, autocycles, or cyclemotors but each was discussed at some point in the evening.  As some might say locally, we had an evening of squit, wit and shifty tales.  We survived without a quiz but missed that entertaining part of our evening.  I think there may be a quiz at our December meeting.


11 October 2019

October Meeting

A dozen is a good round number and we managed that at the October meeting.  We now have three Ians, having added Ian de B to our number.  Three autocycle riders in October is unprecedented but we managed that new record with Will, Dave and Chris arriving by Villiers power.  All the regulars turned up including Paul & Greg along with Jamie, and at one point Will’s dear lady.  Perhaps we could call that 12½ attendees?  Jamie ate with us but had to leave for a 3am start loading sugar beet; think of him when you put sugar on your wheatybangs.  The food at the Bluebell is good with a wide selection of dishes, and the beer is well kept too.  They serve Chinese beer from Bury St Ed-ming.  Paul did the honours by producing a natty little quiz and guess who won?  Yes our eternal champion, Ian de O was top scorer with 7/10, well done that man.  With 12 people chatting it is difficult to keep up with conversations but as usual the subjects were many and varied, motor cycles and their derivatives even got a mention.

Next month we are up to Sheringham, The Two Lifeboats Inn.  Come yew on and join us.


12 September 2019

September Meeting

75% of attendees turned up on two wheels; not bad for a night with no ride organised.  The September meeting got off to a good start with so many bikes arriving.  Well done to all the riders.  Dr Watson rode about 35 miles round trip on a 1951 Bown, including 17 miles in the dark.  Both Ians, John, Will, and Chris were the other riders.  Bob arrived by car & Mother Hen was back up in the Niss-van for the homeward journey of Ian de O, Will and David.  The conversations were the usual wide ranging topics from Panther motor cycles, via Benelli, Mobylette, Rudge, Norman, and New Hudson to cyclemotors.  Among other topics were MkIII Ford Escorts, motor cycle trials, stealth bombers, the price of beer, and engine numbers.

Two stalwarts were missed from among us but we hope Paul & Greg will join us next month to enjoy the good food and beer at the Bluebell.  Our first time at the Bluebell in North Walsham was such a success that we will be back there in October.  Unusually for us we decided to plan ahead a little and we’ve got the rest of the year mapped out for Norfolk Section meetings.  The November meeting will be at The Two Lifeboats in Sheringham.  The Grand Christmas Meeting and festivities will be at the Kings Arms in Martham.  We have to plan that one in advance in order to be able to book a table.

If you haven’t seen us for a while or if you are hiding somewhere in Norfolk and have never met us all, ‘Come yew orn t’gether’.


5 September 2019

Wednesday 14th August was another wet one, making a full set of summer evening meetings that were scuppered by the rain.  Undeterred we had a good turnout at Happisburgh and the on site micro brewery came good for me (Matthew was driving).  The assembled mass decided on another meeting betwixt us in the East and the Northerners (Sheringham) and decided on the Blue Bell pub, Bacton Rd, North Walsham, NR28 0RA.  Meet from sevenish on Wednesday 11th September.
And don’t forget the Norfolk Section hoists the 2nd Broads Run on the 22nd September from the Village Hall, Repps with Bastwick.


16 August 2019

To say that our meetings are feted would be a typographical error.  Despite rain and dampness, 11 of us met together in the pub where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote ‘The dancing men’.  Ian de O, Ian de S, Greg, Dave, Paul, Mel, John, Chris, Jamie + 1, and I sat in the back room almost overlooking the sea and enjoyed good food, excellent company, and good beer, some of which was brewed on the premises.  Topics of conversation I was involved in, or overheard, included clubman motor sport, care of the elderly, coachbuilt motor homes, Citroën vehicles, autocycles, current projects, and much more.  Sadly none of us had ridden to the event, save in a motor vehicle with a roof, however Ian de O had arrived to meet the Martham massive in his 1966 Reliant Regal saloon, which is a joy to behold.  Dave and Chris had made a last minute decision not to ride when there was a short break in the cloud; just as well because 15 minutes later they would have been like fruitcake, a bit moist.

Having chatted, supped, and dined we made slow progress to leave the hostelry and drove home through more rain.  In September we’ll meet again, do know where do know when, but I’ll keep you guessing … NR28.


20 July 2019

Seven bikes, seven riders, 14 miles, no breakdowns along the way.  Bob, Dr Watson, John, Chris, Greg, Paul, & I all met on the driveway of a farm near Bob’s home.  The owner of the drive had kindly agreed that we could park there.  We all rode bikes with pedals to and from Whitwell station, starting in Hevingham.  The bike night was damp squib with few bikes there but some nice examples out getting wet.  I particularly like a yellow Honda 400-Four and a blue CB650; there was a nicely patinated Royal Enfield trail bike too.  After two previous meetings with no ride, due to adverse weather, we braved the elements to make sure we rode this month.  Our numbers were boosted by the arrival at Whitwell of Mr David Massey, from Dereham; he had arrived solo on his Chinese designed PC50-ish bike which is branded as an Indian, not many of those about.  Given the weather, the darkening of the evening and the solo nature of his ride David didn’t stop long but none the less he was a welcome addition to our group.  We rode back to base in the wet but no bikes failed along the way, even John got back without fault.  As we set about loading up, Dr Watson, who had ridden his Bown autocycle from home to Hevingham, said ‘I’m going to go for it!’ and headed off into the encircling gloom with Mother Hen tracing his steps just in case.  What goes on on the route home, stays on the route home, but enough to say despite dark and rain we got back home safely.  Next month’s ride may have a coastal feel to it when we gather at the inn frequented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when he wrote ‘The Dancing Men’. Don’t mope at home, moped with us!


4 July 2019

Only in Norfolk!  Our regular second Wednesday of the month meeting will be on the third Friday for July.

Some of us will be away on that Wednesday, so it was put to those present at the last meeting and the consensus was that we postpone till the following week.  We have discussed attending Whitwell Bike Night before and Bob came up with the plan that we meet at his and ride in.  On Friday 19th July we meet at Bob’s house, which is just north of the Marsham Arms pub, Hevingham, NR10 5NR.  He will be looking out for us and says there’s plenty of adjacent parking for cars, etc.

Pedal off from Bob’s at 7:00 sharp or meet us at the station.


12 June 2019

Weather or not, we still met in June.  That is a statement not a question.  The ‘damp at the edges’ eight gathered somewhat less than magnificently at the Cross Keys in Dilham for chat and bon homie rather than donning waterproofs and getting cold, wet, and miserable, which was the option if we had chosen to go out and ride our machines.  Flaming June was a damp squib as far as enjoying an evening trip to the coast and back was concerned.  Never mind the weather, we still met up and enjoyed good company including potential new member Neville who arrived from the middle of the Shire to meet Dave and others.  Neville is an interesting gentleman who has a few cyclemotors that he has owned from the days when they were acceptable daily transport.  Not many folks can claim to own machines from their youth, still registered with DVLA.  We hope to see more of Neville and his machines in the future; he went home talking about membership form and joining up.  Meanwhile seven of the regulars enjoyed subjects as varied as BSA owners rally, Citroën 100 celebrations, the delights of Colchester, traction engines, live fish transport and the woes of failing to meet personal targets for getting bikes prepared and complete to ride.  Beer and food were consumed during the gathering with the hosts making a side room available for our use.  A quiz was available and once again Ian de O triumphed over other participants to hold top score.  Our lad from Ormesby is a regular boffin when it comes to many things motor cycle and he applies his knowledge to our trivial trials with verve.  After a few hours together we wended our ways home amidst the rain, again.

Next month’s meeting will be on the third Friday of the month: 19th July; gather at Hevingham to head to Whitwell Bike Night.


9 May 2019

‘Thames: Southwest 5 to 7 decreasing 3 or 4, Moderate becoming slight, Thundery showers, Good.’  That was the weather one brave soul headed out into, not to rescue the perishing but to reach the May meeting of the Norfolk Section of the EACC.  Our fearless leader set off avec une Mobylette à la pub.  He may have had back up nearby but that would be telling.  The little bronze moped made good progress and, six miles later, he was outside The Grange in Ormesby.  Shame faced fellow enthusiasts looked on with something between mirth and awe, six members in all.  Jamie had a bike with him, but it was in the van in sick bay awaiting a clutch cable repair.  Ian de O seemed to have forgotten that the eighth day of the month would be the second Wednesday in May, but he arrived later with valid reasons for the delay & the evening’s second (or third) bike.

Jon provided a challenging quiz, which we attacked with vigour after eating our way through various burgers and chips.  The quiz got us scratching our heads as we tried to get inside the mind of the master inquisitor.  Several members got 6½ points out of 20 only to be trumped by Ian de O and his impressive score of 10/20.

Discussion covered many common topics but included a Stafford show report, spoke spanners, Vincents, mods, rockers, and scooters, including a Lambretta in a dustcart.  The craic was good and the beer wasn’t too bad either.  General consensus was for a meeting next month back at Dilham Cross Keys for a ride out in better weather.  Wednesday 12th June is the date for meeting.  Some of us will be bringing back tales of France after a weekend in l’Avesnois.

Chris E, Jon, Ian de S, Jamie, Dr Watson, & I were in attendance with Ian de O arriving after a minor, but trying, car repair episode which did not go well.  Paul & Greg were much missed & we look forward to seeing them both soon.


12 April 2019

April Meeting: Ten go West to West.

The April meeting of the Norfolk Section was a Northern affair, taking place in the sunny evening calm of the North Norfolk coast.  Weather had been laid out: bright but cold with no sign of rain.  The hardy folk: Dr Watson, Paul, Colin, Greg, John, and Chris, either rode to the start or unloaded machines when we gathered in the car park of The Village Inn at West Runton.  Not wishing to stand about for long we were soon under way.  Paul whizzed off before the group photo and led the way through Beeston to the metropolis of Sheringham.  John made it to within sight of town before his MS Stewart decided that going home was a far better idea; John rejoined us later.  The rest of the machines, from a British lightweight to German moped via autocycle and Wisp, all made the short trip uphill (Norfolk is not flat) to The Wheatsheaf at West Beckham.  Not too long after we arrived, John appeared on his rather smart Herald 125, looking every bit like a small British bike built in China and copying a Japanese design.  The pub was busy which meant that, until we sat down to eat, we were gathered in small groups. but this didn’t stop the ribald banter and bonhomie that we all enjoy.  When the food was ordered and served we sat together, riders and wimps joined by a common interest.  Jamie, Bob, Ian de O, & I hadn’t ridden for a variety of reasons, some involving illumination.  Ian de S couldn’t be with us and his knowledge and wit were missed particularly during the excellent quiz produced by Paul.  Top scorer with 6½ out of 18 was John.  Over to you to create the next quiz John.

After food, drink, and comfort we headed back to West Runton, some of us with halogen bulbs, some with LEDs and some with what may have been incandescent bulbs but they weren’t bright enough to be able to tell.  At ’Runton I left the pack to head home.  It is possible that more ale was supped but I wasn’t there to tell.

The debate about the next meeting left me a little confused but The Grange at Ormesby, NR29 3QG is the gathering point with a ride out to be arranged.  Usual time and date apply.
See you there,

13 March 2019

March Meeting

Gareth wasn’t invited to the meeting but he was making his presence felt; this certainly wasn’t moped riding weather but it didn’t stop eleven of us gathering at the Cross Keys in Dilham for the March meeting.  It seemed appropriate to be blown about in March, let’s hope April isn’t too wet.  Dr Watson, David U, Jamie, Ian de O & I arrived in style courtesy of David.  The North Norfolk contingent arrived by various modes including by foot and by sports car.  It was a cheerful and chatty meeting with conversations across a broad spectrum including the merits of certain bikes, latest purchases, what to pay for prospective purchases, and more personal matters too.  There is always something to learn at meetings and this was no exception.  Readers may like to research which company made the Ladybird and what engine was used to power it.  Several publications were shown around the group including interesting books dating back to the days of autocycles and early mopeds.  Ian de O shared a BSA catalogue from 1962 that showed plunger framed Bantams were still in production at that late stage.  Will arrived after visiting the village hall cinema, making our meeting almost a full house.  Food and beer were consumed and the meeting wound up with agreement to meet in West Runton on the 10th of next month to ride out to West Beckham.  Dr Watson’s April ride was also publicised and riders are welcome on Sunday 28th April, gather at Repps cum Bastwick village hall at the A149–B1152 junction.

Note: We failed to have a quiz

20 Febuary 2019

February Meeting

Where there’s a Will, there’s a whole lot of other people, in fact nine other people with three of our regulars missing.  Ten folks associated with and enthusiastic about mopeds, autocycles, and cyclemotors gathered at the Cross Keys in Dilham.  It was good to see not fewer than two Chrises (E & W), two Ians (de O & de S) and the rest of an irregular bunch including Dr Watson.  New boys on the block were Bob from Aylsham and Will from Honing.  Both gents are happy additions to the throng.  Bob is a steam enthusiast with a penchant for cyclemotors while Will is an all round motor cycle enthusiast with many interesting tales to tell.  Methinks both gents make worthy members of our happy band.

Ian de S stood in as quizmaster with both a pictorial and tick box quiz, each emphasising the autocycle side of our hobby.  Reasonable scores were made by some lucky contestants while others were in the ‘also ran’ class.  Food was delivered to our tables in good time, piping hot and all good fare; be warned, if you order a mixed grill the chef believes you need to eat most of a pig, a chicken and notable sections of a cow too.  The skillet full of meaty goodness would feed the likes of me for at least a week.

Beer was supped, as were other beverages, and the evening drew on until we decided to head for the hill (Martham is up an incline) and called time on our gathering but not before concluding that the Cross Keys made a suitable venue for our next meeting too.  See you there?  March 13th, usual time.

12 January 2019

January Meeting

A short report was requested.  Here it is:
Cross Keys?  They looked quite happy to me.  January comes but once a year, so we had a meeting, nine of us chaps and one chapess. The East & North Norfolk clans got together with a guest: Mr Utting senior, to eat drink & chat.  Much happy discussion took place, two quizzes, pictorial guess the bike, and two mystery objects.  Many thanks to Greg Le Citroën for one quiz & other features.  Pleasant ale was supped and good food was eaten.  The pub seems a good hit so we will return there in February.  Come on other Norfolk members, don’t miss out, join in the fun!

13 December 2018

December Meeting

The gammon steak at the Kings Arms is lovely, but you’d have to ask Dr Watson about that.  Good food, good humour, good company, and a good time were enjoyed by all at the December meeting of the Norfolk section on 12th December, in Martham.  Ten of us made it through a damp cold evening to meet up—the usual gang: two Ians, Dr Watson, Jon, Paul, no Ringo, Greg, Chris, Me, Jamie, and Mel.  We missed Rod but, on such a night, the trek from south of the border is a bit much.

After assembling in the restaurant we were herded into the function room where we were less likely to disturb the other customers.  The KA was surprisingly full for a wet Wednesday evening.  Having a room to ourselves was good because we could relax and be a bit loud if we wanted to, and we did.  Greg provided two excellent quizzes that caused much head scratching and merriment.  There were some tricky questions; the highest score was 20½ out of 50.  Other scores were modest and no one failed to score.  The mystery item, provided by Greg, was a good brain teaser as was the ‘name that micro car’ photo question.

Conversations ranged from ‘What machines have you purchased recently?’ to ‘How can I get this apart?’ and much more.  The level of hilarity rose as the evening went on.  It was great to see everyone on good form.  Debate of the day was about the venue for the next meeting.  No leaders were deposed and the ‘Ayes’ had it so we will be invading the metropolis of Dilham next month, see you at the Cross Keys (only 250 miles from the Wirral).

That’s all folks!
More next year

15 November 2018

Missing: Greg Lunken.  If seen, approach with caution & Imodium.  Poor Greg was a bit moby & couldn’t join us, which meant that one quiz question got no answer.  More of quizzes later; the usual tribe gathered at the Two Lifeboats in Sheringham.  Two Ians and one each of Mel, Paul, John, Jamie, Dave, Chris, & Roger (Mel’s brother, or Paul’s brother-in-law).  Good to see some of our ladies’ contingent present at the meeting.

Ian de O brought along an interesting magazine: ‘Scooter & Moped Mechanics’, mostly Italian tinwork inside but some moped articles too in the period piece publication.  Food was promptly ordered once we realised there was an early cut off for serving.  The beer was good for those of us who were partaking.  The chat and banter was good all around.  Subjects were rich and varied; then the quiz lady arrived!

We hadn’t realised that there was a pub quiz taking place in aid of the Royal British Legion.  Somewhat taken aback we coughed up a quid each and took part in possibly the most odd quiz I have ever witnessed or maybe the oddest?  Most quiz masters understand the questions, know the answers and can speak plainly enough to make themselves understood.  Not so in this case.  The lady in charge was not well-read and seldom spoke clearly but everyone seemed to cope and had a good time.  We had formed three teams, and we have no idea where we came in the running, such was the organisation, but it made the event all the more fun.  The winning team, none of us, and the runners-up ended having a tie-break, but even that got in a muddle.  The Royal British Legion were over £70 up at the end of the evening so that has to be a result.

Back to our meeting, where we discussed runs, bikes, life & the universe.  A quiz was produced from a reusable carrier bag, and we set to trying to answer the questions, or rather, they set to because I set the questions.  There was some head scratching and some good clear answers.  No one gave the correct answer to question 18; Greg would have known it.  Top score of the night came from Dave with a good score of 14/20, others trailed behind him.

The 60-mile round journey just went to show the effort that the North Norfolk boys & girls make to meet up with us East Norfolk folk when they travel over our way.  Four of us had travelled up in the Chucklebus with me as Des.  John shamed all of us by arriving on his VéloSoleX all the way from Beeston thus showing that Norfolk members do it all year around.  When he left the little frog started up easily and purred away, at some point lamps were seen to be working but their reliability cannot be confirmed.  We tried to convince Chris that we could meet in Norwich before the end of the year, but he was happy to come out of the city to join the rest of the bunch, so we settled on Martham Kings Arms for our Christmas Extravaganza.  Come and join us.

Note: No Shannocks were harmed in the making of this report.

12 October 2018

The usual suspects gathered at the Kings Arms in Martham for the October meeting of the Norfolk Section.  We were all expecting a telling off by the Doctor for various offences against the section, mostly non-appearance at a well organised event on the 23rd September.  All were guilty to some extent, except Chris who had braved the weather that day.

We lacked any Ians at the meeting, one being in Canada, the other having recently been bereaved of his Dad; RIP Norman.  Jon was first to arrive, followed by me, Jamie, Greg, Paul, Chris, Dave, and finally, putting us all to shame, Rod on his 400cc automatic Honda Dream.  Possibly the senior attendee, Rod had ridden up from North Suffolk in the dark but mild weather.  None of the rest of us had arrived on two wheels.  Two of us had walked & thus effectively saved the planet between us.

Much banter and tales of daring do were shared across the table.  Accounts of recent rides, events, and purchases were enjoyed by all.  Someone was subject to legal action over the sale of a bike with a non-transferable registration number: a true case of caveat emptor and another bike retaining its plate despite the wishes of the new owner.  Chris & Dave had been thoroughly damped down on the Broads Tour and few bargains were found at Copdock Bike Show this year.

Bringing us all to order, Dave asked if we felt there was a future for the section.  He had been let down by poor attendance at the September ride and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t making effort where it was not required.  A rousing cry of ‘Yes!’ was the reply to Dave’s question and we decided that between us we needed to show a bit more willingness to keep the section going.  Several ideas were mooted: fuel limit run, to see how far bikes will run on a set amount of fuel; monthly quizzes which have been fun in the past; mystery objects likewise; raffle of a “useful” part, with no prior knowledge of the part.  Each of us agreed to undertake small tasks to keep the section viable & enjoyable without it falling on one person’s shoulders.

E-mail contact was also discussed and very few people had responded to Dave’s instruction to reply or be removed from the mailing list.  Approximately 20% of the mailing list responded which was a disappointing response for Dave.  If you want to be updated by e-mail you need to tell Dave that’s what you want; the rest of us slackers agreed that Facebook was the method to which we were most likely to attend.

Next meeting: we like moving about a bit to encourage members, who don’t enjoy winter evenings travelling in the dark, to attend meeting near to them.  To this end we will meet in the Two Lifeboats pub in Sheringham (head for the sea and turn left before you fall in) on 14th November about 7pm-ish.  If you are a North Norfolk resident & member of the club, come on over and meet up.

17 June 2018

Dr Watson & I agreed to meet as near to 6pm as possible, which was about as early as I could get home & sorted after work.  To my surprise he popped around to my place on his rather fine 1956 New Hudson autocycle; I was getting changed when I heard the sturdy pop-pop of the Villiers exhaust.  Within a few minutes we were on our way.  Dr Watson had popped to check in on Jamie while I got the Ciao out of the garage & sorted out my hairdo, etc.

I was given the job of lead rider, which was a heady responsibility, once we had got the New Hudson started.  We whizzed off along the main road as far as Potter H’am then back roads up through Catfield, Sutton, Ingham, Brumstead, Lessingham, East Ruston, and Whimpwell Green to Haisbro’ (‘Happisburgh’ on the map).  Some of the black stuff was pretty rough and hard going for us on bikes with rigid back ends.

We puffed up the short sharp rise to the pub and parked up.  A chap sitting outside with his wife got chatting with us and he turned out to be a bike fan; he had once owned half a dozen Triumph Tigress scooters.  Not long after we had got our first pint Jamie turned up in his Transit with his disgraced, but very presentable, New Hudson.  A half mile from home it had stopped with a fuel problem which needed sorting, Jamie quickly fetched the van and brought the bike with him.  Paul and Greg arrived in an amusing little number reminiscent of a circus act vehicle.  Ian de O was soon with us on his neat little Yamaha RXS100 & we thought that might be it for the evening.  Ian de S & John had not appeared and their company was missed.  To our surprise and delight Rod turned up on his Enfield—a treat for all to see.  No small trip out from North Suffolk to North Norfolk but a pleasant evening for a ride out & thus our company was complete.

The Hill House is a pub, proper, with its own brewery.  The barmaid opened the restaurant for us to sit and eat in, which gave us a place out of the now cooling evening air to mardle and munch.  The food along with the beer was good.  I was concerned whether the Haggis, used as stuffing for the chicken I ate, was free range or captive bred but I couldn’t be sure.  Rod left us before the evening was too old and he headed off for southern climes.  When the food was eaten Paul produced a quiz all about scooters & had most of us foxed.  I think Ian de O scored top marks but none of us were experts in the subject.

While chatting over our meals we spoke of many things including PSA levels & Prostate Cancer, not fun subjects but not to be ignored either.  Don’t sit on the problem, go to your GP and ask to get your PSA tested; Prostate Cancer is survivable if it is caught soon enough.

Before long we gathered ourselves up and got machines started for our ride home.  Dr Watson’s New Hudson was playing hard to get but once under way it never missed a beat, in fact I couldn’t catch him up; the Ciao is a slow-ped managing about 28mph on a good day.  I had attached a 400 Lumen bicycle lamp to the handlebars which proved useful as we got nearer home.  We made the maximum use of available daylight and got home safely.  Ian veered away towards Hemsby when we turned right at Somerton Lion to head the last two miles home.  Dr Watson tooted his horn as he left me to ride half a mile on my own.  I was indoors before ten.  Another good evening in good company.

7 June 2018

The June meeting of the Norfolk Section is on Wednesday 13th; we will meet at the Hill House, Happisburgh, NR12 0PW.  If the weather’s fine we can ride in from our various areas, either meeting up locally or just riding there alone.  It will be good to see people on mopeds but anything 2, 3, or 4 wheeled will be welcome.  Arrive from 7:00pm onwards; we will wait a while to see who arrives and order any food requirements together.

9 May 2018

Section meeting: May 8th 2018

Sometimes the fewer plans you have the better it is!  Visit Two Wheel Tuesday, Old Buckenham and ‘can I meet round yours Chris W?’ turned into a cracking evening.  Few things to do that day including unload the Puch Magnum X that the grandsons had been using and load a bike for me.  All done on a very hot day; driving to the Attleborough area it looked like we could be in for a storm!  Best laid plans and all that went out of the window when I had left Chris’s details at home; I had been before but was a bit lost!  Heading in what I thought was the general direction for Mount Pleasant I actually passed his house!  Chris was busy (that’s another story) and after a cold drink the bikes were readied and it was looking increasingly like we could be getting wet.  Chris on his latest addition of a very nice New Hudson badged Winged Wheel and me following on my New Hudson Restyled we arrived at Old Buckenham with no dramas but both bikes expired just as we arrived on the crowded green area.  Martin greeted us. having arrived earlier on his 3-something Honda.  Garth was there but not on his bike, it is all registered and ready but it’s not tried and tested as such and he hasn’t been on a bike for years.  Rod had arrived really early on his Royal Enfield and after a discussion on the mods he had to do to the bike I spotted through the crowds an old black number plate.  It was good to see Chris E all the way from Norwich after much sorting had been done on his fairly recently acquired old-style New Hudson.  It was great to see the three old Hudsons lined up together and totally unplanned that we would be on them.  Much queueing was done as there were over 700 bikers to be watered and fed.  Ian MacD and Jon found us in the curry queue just as they ran out.  The sun had gone to bed and we fired the bikes up amongst the small crowd that gathered around us.  Chris E was having a few starting issues and I hope he got home OK.  Chris W’s Winged Wheel was running very well when he signalled me to pull alongside ‘would you like swift half in an old pub?’  Stupid question really!  Amazing place with plenty of patina, probable untouched for about 30 years; you don’t find many places like this now—and with a local brew on.  Matthew where were you when I could have done with you for that lift home you had kindly offered?  We then had a pleasant dusk ride back in the still air, the rain never appeared and that ride could have gone on and on!  Happy times indeed.

My pictures are at: www.flickr.com/photos/40103650@N04/albums/72157696609455485

13 April 2018

Fog and weather doesn’t stop us hardy types from getting in a car to drive to an EACC meeting.  The usual suspects were rounded up for the April meeting of the Norfolk Section.  John was missing and his jovial bonhomie was missed by the gathered crowd.  Before we ate a deal was struck for the purchase of a fine looking, unopened Payen gasket set (accept no substitutes; ask for Payen at your local dealer).  Chris was a happy man.  Meanwhile each of us pored over copy of the Amal catalogue & later learnt that Amal was formerly known as Amalgamated carburettors having joined the forces of Brown, Binks and others to form the world beating company we know and love.  Food and ale were provided by the host and staff of the Wayford Bridge Inn but Ian de S’s jumper never turned up, having mislaid its owner last month.  The mood was light and, in the chat flowed freely before and during the meal, our varied topics included world affairs, Citroëens of the ’70s & ’80s, comparison of the Clark Scamp & Raleigh Wisp, and a whole host of other subjects.  We looked forward eagerly to getting together on machines next month for a ride out with hoped for better weather and longer hours of daylight.  Ian de S excelled as quiz master.  The quiz was quirky, aimed at individuals and the group, and it taxed even the most knowledgeable amongst us.  Ian de O astonished us with his depth of knowledge and we impressed ourselves with how many Villiers engined bikes we could name.  Once again a good time was had by all.  We enjoyed it so much we will do it again, next month, somewhere in Norfolk.

6 April 2018

If it’s not broke why fix it!  Our last two monthly meetings have seen nine of us gather at the Wayford Bridge Inn so we will be there again for next Wednesday, 11th April.  Meet from 7:00.  We normally wait a while before placing the food order for those that require feeding.

Evenings are definitely getting lighter now and I was out on the bike yesterday for a new event: ‘All Wheel Wednesday’, held on the first Wednesday of every month at the Nelson Head, Horsey.

There is now a small Facebook group just for Norfolk members.  For those that maybe interested in joining, it’s at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/151520482232940/.

How’s this for being organised: after some initial doubt about the continuing of the Two Wheel Tuesdays at Old Buckenham they are definitely back on and we will be riding in and meeting there on Tuesday 8th May.

17 March 2018

Despite rumours of a breakaway autocycle faction, the Norfolk Section of the EACC assembled at the Wayford Bridge Inn to share in tales of mopeds, autocycles, and cyclemotors.  The evening got off to a racing start when Dr Watson, John, Ian de S, & Matthew were turned away from the table at which they had sat previously.  Moving swiftly to the lounge, where the comfy seats are found, the gathered souls launched into the usual pattern of friendly chat and humour.  Much of the discussion focussed on the current state of the market.  Not the large square in the middle of town but rather the availability of classic machinery and the prices fetched by the same.  Eyebrows were raised at the prices seemingly being attained by eBay auctions, even a Vespa Ciao fetched nearly £500 recently.  The sustainability of the market also drew comment because the potential buyers coming up over the next 10 years do not seem to share our interests.  Will we be able to sell bikes in a decade’s time?

The crowd swelled with the arrival of Jamie, Greg, Paul, Ian de O, and Chris.  The latter has begun a collection of autocycles which includes a rather nice example which can be seen running in a video link on FB.  John has recently purchase a Chinese copy of a Honda CB125.  It was the right bike, in the right place, at the right price.  Jamie moves in other circles and has made some interesting camper van purchases recently.  He spends his working day loading sugar beet; we know how to enjoy ourselves in Norfolk.  We all enjoyed lively conversations about subjects far and wide, only slowing down when we sat around low tables to eat.

There is an old adage about saving the best ’til last and Dr Watson did not disappoint after our meal when he pulled a photo quiz out of a bag, literally.  The variety of bikes shown in the photos was outstanding.  All three classes of machine were represented and our task was to guess the make and model or just the make as directed.  Good scores were made with a few showing their expertise and with all of us enjoying the fun.  Our quizzes always add to our meetings and the efforts put in by the creators are much appreciated.  Gauging the level of questions can be a challenge but Dr Watson certainly has the knack.

Wayford Bridge staff served us well and even provided an enlightened insight into local average speed cameras.  The general consensus about the venue is that it is a good’un.  Just like General MacArthur ‘We shall return’.

7 March 2018

Our monthly meeting is returning to the second Wednesday of the month.  Next Wednesday: 14th March.  We had a good turn out last month and a quick question at the end of the night: where next?  The general consensus was that we would return to the Wayford Bridge Inn.  Sorted.

It would appear we have another happy autocycle owner among us!  I was offered an autocycle from a Herfordshire club member recently and was about to decline(!) when I suddenly remembered our Chris had recently bought an Excelsior ‘project’, phone numbers were exchanged and Keith Ashby, Ian, Jamie, and I are no longer the only New Hudson owners in the county.

We now have a small Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/151520482232940/ for Norfolk (it’s not compulsory to be a club member) Moped and Autocyle enthusiasts where Chris has kept us updated with progress.

April will be another pub meeting (somewhere) but for May hopefully we will be able to get out on the bikes.  As always any suggestions or organisers will be welcome.

22 February 2018

Magneto scent 7 become 9.  The evening started in its usual low key way, two then four folk gathered at The Wayford Inn for convivial chat and merriment.  Soon we were seven in number and before too long nine of us had gathered.  Sheringham & district was well represented with John, Greg, Paul, & Ian de S amongst the company.  The Fleggs were also out in force, Ian de O, Jamie, Dave, & me.  Not to be outdone the Fine City was covered by the timely appearance of autocycle owner, Chris.  Thus was the meeting of like minds.  It has been a trend recently for there to be much conversing about autocycles & this meeting was no different.  Chris had recently enjoyed a cross country journey on gentle terrain to pick up an autocycling bargain, which can be seen on FB running sweetly.  Owners of autocycles were high in number amongst the gathered throng which is good for varied discussion.  While some folk talked about engine numbers, types, models and experiences with spare parts suppliers, others were discussing clockwork starters and the joys of recoil springs.  Twang!

The food was good and the beer was reasonable.  The company was, as always, affable and genial.  The evening passed quickly and soon folk were wending their ways home with some needing an early start next day to go to work.  Hero of the evening award goes to Ian de O who arrived & departed on his BMW despite the February temperatures.

9 February 2018

Only in Norfolk!  Our normal second Wednesday of the month meeting will be held on the third Wednesday this month: Wednesday 21st February (avoiding Valentines).  Although members present were sparse for our last meeting, those present agreed it was a good location and that we would again for February meet at the Wayford Bridge Inn, near Stalham.  Hopefully we will see a few more members or friends and family; it’s not just about mopeds and many varied topics get discussed including the venue for the next meet.

12 January 2018

Lashings of ginger beer, jam sandwiches and scones were absent when ‘Five popped down to Wayford’.  We were nowhere near the River Axe but only yards from the River Ant & Norfolk’s only canal.  By special request of sadly absent members, we gathered at a small hotel in the southern reaches of North Norfolk, The Wayford Inn.  Interior decor is a matter of personal taste & personally I thought it was quirky.  Decor aside it was a warm, dry and pleasant place to meet.  The food was good and portions were not mean, which made up for the bar charges.  Attendees were Dr Watson, Ian de O, John, Chris and me.  The low numbers were in part due to the absence of Ian de S who is our temporary South American correspondent sending back reports from the Dakar Rally in Peru.  Ian has hired a motorbike and is following the rally.  We expect many tales to come home with Ian & we look forward to hearing them.  Meanwhile back at the bar, Chris showed us photos of ‘Bike of the month’ a rather charming Excelsior autocycle he has purchased recently.  In fact he has purchased most of the bike & has a shopping list for parts required so please shake out your sheds & let Chris know what spares you have.  Ian de O is in autocycle mood too and had spent a day raking through one of his sheds to find all the parts accumulated to restore his New Hudson to its former glory.

Once we had dined, or at least 60% of the crowd had eaten their tea, we got down to the heady business of the January quiz in which Ian De O proved victorious with a score 20% greater than his nearest rival.  I was told that I had made the questions too hard, shame on me.  The next quiz is in the hands of the victor so watch for the February results.

As usual topics of conversation were wide and varied from all types of two wheelers, including brand new delivery bicycles, to matters such as being banned from a library, the history of atomic ballistics, TV chefs, absent friends, and autobiographical travel books.  We are grateful to The Wayford Inn for accommodating all of us & we look forward to meeting somewhere in Norfolk at some point next month, hopefully restored in number to our usual happy crowd.

5 January 2018

By popular request! (1 member) said can we try the Wayford Bridge Inn for our next meeting.  So the beer tasting sub committee! (me) had a little recce last night and all appears well.  The pub was part of a small chain that was in trouble a few years ago but has bounced back and is now family-owned.  It looks good for our meeting with a large car park and food available in the bar, restaurant or lounge area.  Wayford Bridge is on the main A149 Yarmouth–Cromer road just past Stalham for us or, if coming from Sheringham and you see Stalham, you have missed it.  It’s also handily placed for anybody coming from Norwich.  Post code for sat nav is NR12 9LL.  The meeting is next Wednesday, 10th January from 7:00ish.  All welcome.

7 December 2017

Our monthly meeting is next Wednesday, 13th December from 7:00ish.  Plan was to have a change of venue (just because we do) to the Victoria Inn where there is Indian food on offer; unfortunately there is some doubt about the future of the landlord, therefore we will be back at the King Arms, Martham where we will be meeting in the dining room (no need to eat if you don’t want to).

All welcome, it’s a very informal meet and many varied topics get mulled over and I think we have another ‘just for fun’ quiz planned.

9 November 2017

Light blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance.  This is not how the Norfolk Section of the EACC starts its meetings but we don’t shy from bangs, whizzes. and pops.  Those sounds can be heard when we are out on a ride but not when we are gathered in a warm pub such as The Lighthouse Inn at Walcott.  Alan was host & barman for the evening and he kept us fed and watered while we talked and laughed.  It turned out that Alan had an RM4 when he was 16, which he rode to death and parted with as 17-year-olds are apt to do.  He made us most welcome and invited us back for meetings in the months to come.

Attendance was good with seven members trashing through the dark to get to the pub.  No new faces and one regular missing; sorry Ian de O, I forgot to offer him a lift.  No one rode to the meeting, which given its rural coastal setting was no surprise.

Dave started proceedings with a mystery bike photo.  Unusually for me, I had guessed correctly (as I did later too).

The mystery bike
Photo of the mystery bike

Do you know what it is?  Even when given clues such as the first two letters, plus ‘Boris Johnson’ & ‘Ferrero Rocher’ some folk couldn’t get it.  For more details speak to our publicity officer.  I also brought along a mystery vehicle, a three-wheeler, which evaded identification.  See photo following:

The mystery vehicle
It is a Goliath

The food and drink was good, the Steak & Ale pie is highly recommended, by me.  Dave enjoyed the Steak & Kidney pie.  Others ate lasagne with baked spuds, which was a winner too.

After we had eaten, Paul produced his trump card, or rather a motor cycle quiz.  The questions were all intriguing and we had great fun working through them.  Getting a correct answer required skill and knowledge, lacking in some cases.  Top marks to Greg who won with 18 points.  The quiz was such a success that we decided we wanted more and Greg agreed to provide questions for the December meeting. 

While Greg held the floor he regaled us with tales of his most recent adventure, as crew in a car on The London–Brighton Run.  His vehicle of choice was a 1901 De Dion–Bouton.  Having enjoyed the run as a spectator for several years, the misfortune of another chap gave Greg the chance to enjoy the run from the pointed end.  He gave us a good account, delivered as only he can.

Chris had arrived from Norwich when we were about to eat.  He stayed to give us a puzzle: how to get the barrel off a Mobylette engine.  It is unbolted and moves so far up and down but the piston & rings won’t pass out of the bottom of the barrel.  Our combined wit couldn’t come up with a workable solution.  If you have ideas; tell Chris.

As usual our conversations ranged over a wide field of discussion & included: heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, 2.25 × 21 tyres, Citroën cars, Triumph bath tubs, Corker helmets & zombie apocalypse.  If you want to join in and have a pleasant evening shooting the breeze with like minded souls, watch out for news of our next meeting on the second Wednesday in December.  Square don’t be; there do be.

3 November 2017

Hopefully we will keep the monthly meetings going throughout the mainly closed riding season; not sure who suggested November’s meeting venue but it is to be Wednesday 8th November at the Lighthouse Inn, Walcott, NR12 OPE.  About mid-way for our Martham and Sheringham members with plenty of parking and a popular eater, all welcome.  We normally meet from about 7:00pm.

Don’t forget there is a run and the club AGM coming up shortly (note new venue).
Sunday 19th November 2017: Kneel’s Wheels and the EACC AGM at Great Blakenham village hall (IP6 0NJ).  The last mopedjumble of the season combined with a ride to explore the Wild West side of the A14 on a completely new route.  The lunch stop will be the same as last year: at Claydon Crown.

13 October 2017

Back in usual old bar (as the Beatles never said).  We reassembled in the Kings Arms, on Wednesday 11th, in Martham for our October meeting.  It was a well attended meeting with nine members gathered.  John and Ian de S were early birds, followed by me & Dr Watson.  Greg, Paul, and Mel came down from North Norfolk together; Chris arrived from Norwich; and Ian de O turned up to complete the party.  He arrived with strategic timing to avoid some of us eating but this backfired when we ate later in order to get all the food delivered at once.  The way we sat at two tables meant that we didn’t all get to chat to one another, however this didn’t limit the range and volume of discussion.  Subjects covered included classic cars, Citroën & Reliant in particular[*], Panther motor cycles, zombie apocalypse vehicles, autocycles and, more controversially, the club newsletter.  A good evening was had by all attendees; the amount of expertise amongst our members never ceases to amaze me.  The beer and food were good & matched the company.

(*Mk 1 Cortinas too)

Next meeting: we branch out (get it?) to new environs and we plan to meet in coastal North Norfolk at The Lighthouse Inn, in Walcott.  Second Wednesday in November.  Come and join us!

3 October 2017

The October meeting will be returning to the King Arms, Martham, NR29 4PL on our ‘normal’ second Wednesday of the month so don’t forget Wednesday 11th October from 7:00ish.  Although we will be returning for Octtober it is not planned to be a regular meeting place nor does it have to be a pub, as always we will be looking for suggestions for November and beyond.

The September meeting was a little different from usual, thanks to Ian McDowell in as much that were invited to visit an extensive and interesting private collection of mainly British lightweight machines with a sprinkling of Mopeds before retiring to a nearby pub for food, drink and chat.  The meeting was well attended and our host appreciated our interest.  Amongst the attendees were Nigel S-C, Greg, Paul, Mel, John, Chris, Ians × 2, Matthew and Me.  It was good to meet returning member Garth Jeffery.  Keith Ashby was also there along with several members of the North Norfolk Classic Car Club (something like that).  Several of us went to the pub where it was good to have a further chat with the owner of the bikes and he was interested in joining the club.

10 September 2017

Hi all

Last month’s meeting didn’t happen as such!  The plan was to meet up at Old Buckenham for the Two Wheel Tuesday night but, with rain during the day and a wet forecast, most normal people stayed at home.  I did attempt to reach Martin’s at Long Stratton but there was a serious accident on the A140 and I never made it; a shame as our Chris Evans attended and didn’t get wet.  Martin and I did go the next week where at least 530 bikes were counted in.

We have been invited to view a private collection, copied is the email I received:

Chris is having his annual open day this September 18th.  Its from 6:30pm to whenever it’s dark.  He will show some 250 lightweights and mopeds, these are all being dusted down at the moment.  His latest editions are two Honda 50s that I’m told are immaculate but he has just sold the Skutabike.  There is also the occasional ‘bigger’ machine but for us owners of smaller bikes this place is heaven.

The EACC is invited along with two or three other clubs so, if you want a treat, turn up.


As it gets dark early these days proposal is to we should retire to the pub afterwards.  Sounds like a plan to me!  I hope to see you there and as always am open to suggestions as to where we can hold future meets.


29 July 2017

Four of us meet at Reepham last night for the short run to Whitwell Station bike night.  Unfortunately the weather was not great and there were not many bikes about but we had a good time and plenty of chatting to the many bikers who came to look at our machines.

Our next normal ‘not’ meeting of the second Wednesday of the month will again be on a Tuesday! (8th August).  We will ride to Old Buckenham from Martin’s at Long Stratton.  Meet 6:30ish for a prompt departure at 7:00 or will be good to meet others there.

24 July 2017

The Norfolk Moped Massive (well two of us at least) are meeting at Whitwell Station Bike Night on Friday 28th July.  It will be good to meet friends old and new on mopeds, small or big bikes, or even without a bike.  Not sure about car parking at the station!  Taking my bike in the car as I don’t fancy riding home in the dark … will be leaving it in the car park at Reepham and just riding the short distance to Whitwell.

13 July 2017

Narcotics, exotic dancers and excess alcohol were not involved in the July meeting of the EACC Norfolk Section.  Good company, small machines and a short ride out were involved.  Dr Watson & I were the first to arrive at The Village Inn, he having circumnavigated the whole east coast of Norfolk via the pretty, but bumpy, route on one of his New Hudson autocycles.  I had driven 90 minutes straight from work.  By about 7pm Greg & Paul joined us on a Quickly & an RM8 respectively.  Both machines were nicely turned out and Paul’s looked box fresh.  John arrived on his very uncommon MS Stewart, possibly the only road legal example in the UK.  After a pint at The Village Inn in West Runton, riders headed off via picturesque North Norfolk lanes to West Beckham.  The ride went well for most with the exception of John who was rescued by the Mighty Kangoo after failing to make progress.  The staff at the Wheatsheaf were surprised to see us but made a effort to accommodate us.  We enjoyed a good meal & refreshment then headed back to Runton.  I learnt some of the back lanes & potholes around Beeston Common to get John & the lame duck home, then regrouped with Dave to get him & the autocycle home.

Whilst at the Wheatsheaf an impromptu next meeting was convened to take place at the Whitwell Bike Night this Friday 14/07/17.  Meanwhile the August meeting has yet to be confirmed.

6 July 2017

Our monthly meet on Wednesday 12th July is kindly being organised by Paul Kemp in his neck of the woods.  Greg and I have just completed next Wednesday’s run so here is the proposal: we all meet at the Village Inn, West Runton (NR27 9QP) at 7pm, then those that wish to can come for a run out to West Beckham for a pint at the Wheatsheaf (NR25 6NX), then return to the Village Inn for a meal.

30 June 2017

The EACC camping weekend got off to a good start when nine of us left on eight bikes for an evening run.  Well, seven left on six bikes because Luke’s ‘new’ Vespa had a fit and wouldn’t start.  Ian had stopped to help, which set his Bantam into a funk and it wouldn’t start.  Much tinkering got the Beeza going whilst Luke hauled out his Italjet for the ride.  Eventually we got off all together and rode to Thurne, famed for its windpump.  Nick learnt that windpumps are not windmills & we were off again, almost.  A quick tinker with the Bantam, points sorted, and away we went.  A slow dash to Stokesby—no beer supped here—and on to Runham, Mautby, Filby, and Ormesby.  Here Ian bade us goodnight due to lack of illumination & we headed to the bright neon lights of Hemsby where we found hot food and hot drinks.  On the way home I was almost foxed by the Doctor’s cunning plan.  I rode on ahead while he took the troops home via Winterton on Sea.  By using local knowledge I regained the pack close by Burnley Hall but I left them as the daylight failed and the rain began to creep in.  More reports will follow.

The bikes were: NVT Easy Rider, Italjet Franco Tartini special, Honda Cub 90, Simpson 50, BSA GPO Bantam, Puch Maxi S, Honda PC 50, & Vespa Ciao.

16 June 2017

Seven and no Barry Sheene.  7 may not be a big number but, for a weekday evening, it is the largest gathering of machines owned and ridden by Norfolk Section members.  OB Bike Night at the Ox & Plough is somewhat of a Mecca for enthusiasts of powered 2-wheelers across East Anglia.  There were Harleys a plenty, Crotch Rockets by the score and a wide selection of other machines including some exotica.  Moto Guzzi were well represented, as were Ducati.  Amongst the less common finds were Laverda, Moto Morini, Ariel, Francis Barnett, Bown, Vespa, NSU, Mobylette and Sunbeam.  Of the latter there was a superb example, a 1927 V-twin which has been in the same family ownership since the ’50s, not polished but ridden and enjoyed.  The machine resides 2 miles from the town where it was purchase new.

Beverages and food were on hand, the pub and catering vans doing a roaring trade.  I almost missed the excitement by sitting in a CO-OP car park eating a pasty whilst other members got ready to rise out from Martin’s home.  Foolishly I had omitted to check departure time with our fearless leader.  Fortunately the chaps saw me arrive and turned back to wait whilst I unloaded my moped and got ready in haste.  Over all a good evening was had by all.  I was especially pleased to see Paul arrive on his Ariel 3, accompanied by Greg on his Quickly, both fine looking machines.

Next month I believe we are having a North Norfolk ramble, 2nd Wednesday in July, watch for details.

Photos from OB Bike Night 13/06/17 can be seen here: www.flickr.com/photos/gnome-service/albums/72157682124017464

15 June 2017

Well that worked!  Rode (Bown) to meet Rod (Moby) at Reedham Ferry, nice rural route to Martin Naggs (Camino) at Long Stratton; Matthew Hodder (Ciao) met us there and we had a good run to Old Buckenham.  586 bikes on the green including Paul Kemp (Ariel 3), Gregory Lunken (Quickly), Chris Way (Excelsior), Chris Evans (big bike), and Ian & Jon.  Good run back to Long Stratton still in daylight (good job because my lights didn’t work anyway) where, thanks to Matthew, I was transported back to Martham.

Pictures using the new phone!  Not so convenient as just taking the card out of the camera; sorry about the vid of a stationary bike, lol: www.flickr.com/photos/40103650@N04/sets/72157682040251494

8 June 2017

Our monthly meeting night is a day earlier next week.  On Tuesday 13th June we will be visiting The Ox and Plough, Old Buckenham, NR17 1RN for one of their Two Wheel Tuesday nights.  Typically there are several hundred bikes of all types (it has been known to be just over 700).  It would be great to meet members there with or without a bike, also some of us will be riding in from Martin’s at Long Stratton (riders are welcome to join in, please ask for details).

11 May 2017

Thanks to all!
Really pleased that the section is evolving well.

As well as local regulars, ie: Matthew, Ian (on a fresh 100cc machine), Ian and Jon all the way from Sheringham and Rod from Lowestoft, we had Paul and Mel who we had met before.  P&M also brought along the very enthusiastic Greg and wife and although I didn’t get to speak to him personally it was good to have Nigel Stennett-Cox along: aname I can remember seeing in Buzzing as the Norfolk Section rep.  Chris Evans was also there.  My pictures from the recce, run and Ian and Nigel’s bikes at the pub are at: www.flickr.com/photos/40103650@N04/albums/72157680467131954


11 May 2017

Four rider’s of the apostrophe went forth, whilst one of them came fourth.  More hale & hearty folk remained supporting local hostelry at the Kings Arms, where Lucy & Eric served good beer and great food.  When the meals were over the four arrived back from a brief visit to How Hill, a local landmark and former home of the Boardman family, relatives of the Colman’s of Norwich.

Awards for the ride go to Dave, NVT Easy Rider—Best of British; Rod, Honda CD175—oldest bike; Ian de O, Yamaha RXS—youngest bike; & Matthew, Vespa Ciao—wreck of the ride.  No breakdowns, false starts or repairs en route; all runners and riders completed the pleasant rural ride.

We were blessed with club nobility in the form of Nigel S-C a former Norfolk Section organiser who arrived and departed on his AJS single (oldest bike of the evening).  All two wheelers are welcome.  Ian de S came two-up from North Norfolk on his Triumph America, certainly the largest bike of the evening & the youngest; he brought John with him.  More of the Sheringham massive arrived by car: Mel, Paul, Sue, & Greg swelled the ranks and enjoyed conversations including quiz questions:
1)  Can you name the model of the last incarnation (or on bike nation) of the BSA C15?
2)  Which river runs past How Hill?
Answers on a postcard to Andrew Pattle (no prizes).

Greg brought information about a charity motor cycle event in Cromer on June 10th & 11th, which may interest some of our readers.  See the flyer.

Good quality conversation rumbled on into the late evening with the ladies being somewhat taken back by the description of Dave’s lounge.  Folk made their way off to various parts of Norfolk as the evening wore on but I believe a good time was had by all.  By all I mean, Dr Watson, Ian de O, Ian de S, Rod, John, Chris, Sue, Greg, Paul, Mel, Nigel and Matthew.

Next month the 2nd Wednesday has slipped into the 2nd Tuesday & we will meet at Old Buckenham Bike night, an easy ride for the central and south Norfolk contingent.  See you at The Ox & Plough?  Look for the bikes, not hard to find, NR17 1RN.


4 May 2017

Traditionally May has not been a good month for evening runs with several wet years.  Hopefully, Wednesday 10th May will be fine and we will be able to have a ride out.  The plan is to start from the Kings Arms, Martham, NR29 4PL at 7:00pm sharp (if it’s wet we will just meet inside) for a run of just about an hour-ish and return back to the pub (food will be available) to continue the meet inside (or alfresco) where the WAGs and anybody without a road ready bike would be welcome to join in.


17 April 2017

Baker’s dozen plus one.

Sincere apologies for the tardy delivery of this report I think I may have been overawed by the large turnout, or maybe fulltime work & looking after my Mum got in the way.  Fourteen, yes 14 people gathered at the Roman Camp pub for the April meeting of the Norfolk section of the EACC.  Dr Watson, Jamie & Sam, Chris, John, Roger, Rosa, Paul & Mel, Ian de O, Tony, Ian de S, Colin and I all managed to find our way to the A148 junction near Aldborough (not Aldeburgh) for an evening of conviviality.  With such a large group I couldn’t eaves drop on all the conversations but there were many interesting topics being discussed.  Ian de Ormesby gave a lively edition of the ‘Christian dealer’, which is an amusing anecdote worthy of telling elsewhere.  Dr Watson & Tony enjoyed reminiscing about days spent stock car racing in Yarmouth.  Several of us discussed a frequently enjoyed topic: New Hudson autocycles & their competitors (how many can you list?  Answers to Dr Watson).  Microcars featured too including the diminutive AC Petite with its wooden base and handling to match.

Paul & Mel are the proud owners of an Ariel 3, which Mel tells us is not replacing her beloved AJS Modena 50.  John attempted to reach us on his MS Stewart but it only wanted to come one mile of the journey and was pushed back home & swapped for more reliable transport.  Colin popped in on his way home from work and announced his departure at least four times before dragging himself home for tea.  What an interesting chap is our Colin, a former motor cycle racer who had some success on a Rotax engine Cotton.  His current bikes include a rather quick Honda 500 enduro and a Francis Barnett Plover.  Having chatted about subjects wide & diverse, including social care, the woes of collecting and the last days of Raleigh cycles production in the UK, we started to drift off home.  Three of us enjoyed the fare on offer and all had drunk sensibly.  I was Des as well as being Matthew so had spent the evening on ginger beer.  Tip of the month: Clean Bakelite with brasso & be amazed at the results.


9 March 2017

Mystery object Six go mild in the country.

Some may have been drinking stout or bitter while others supped mild or imbibed water.  The range of our conversation topics never fails to intrigue me.  We covered subjects as far ranging as unidentified mopeds for sale on eBay to the plumbing of 1930s’ housing stock.  Ian de Ormesby brought along a magazine or two to be browsed, including one with an interesting Puch review.  Who can recall the ‘Ranger’ as a contemporary of the ‘Monza’?  Dr Watson produced the mystery item of the month, which still eludes positive identification as to application, while its purpose is understood.

Jamie was back meeting with us having been absent from meetings for a while; he has purchased a rather fine, unmolested New Hudson autocycle.  This machine is now registered and we look forward to seeing Jamie on it soon.  The five folk attending were: Ian, Ian, Chris, Dave, Jamie & a Ciao owner.

Next meeting: branching out to our first meeting in North Norfolk on April 12th, usual time.


2 March 2017

Informal and unstructured meetings are guaranteed when the Norfolk Section of the EACC gathers, safe in the King’s Arms.  Merriment and sprightly discord ensue while maidens dance and minstrels sing.  Or at least Lucy will serve us, if we are polite and well behaved, while music plays quietly in the background.  When does all this frivolity take place?  The second Wednesday of the month of course, as we have done so for about two years, from 7.00pm-ish (or 19.00hrs for the 24hr types).  In the case of March 2017 we will meet on the 8th.  So come one, come all and join us for ales, tales and regales*


* (Plural of regale: to entertain, amuse or delight)

10 February 2017

AJS Modena Just to say that Melanie and I had a great time at our first EACC meeting at the Kings Arms Martham last night—great company and very good food.  I also enclose a photo of the Modena scooter for your interest (or not).

Paul Kemp.

10 February 2017

The coolest meeting yet.  (It was so cold outside but not freezing; how come?)  After eight folk* collected themselves in the warm lounge of the Kings Arms, we had a good evening.  It was good to see four folk from the Sheringham Chapter of the ‘Bikes I had in my youth’ club.  Mel broke our previous all male attendance as a welcome lady with her hubby Paul.  Mel rides an AJS, see the photo supplied by Paul.

Attendees were: Dr Watson, Ian de Ormesby, Matthew, & Chris; plus the North Norfolk posse of Mel, Paul, John, & Ian de Sheringham.  Food was cooked by the unflappable Eric and our landlady was Lucy, who looks after us well.  Real ale was enjoyed by some & ginger ale was enjoyed by other, even if Paul did have a choking fit.

The evening discussions got off to an off topic start with residential care, social care, and CQC (look it up) inspections.  We soon veered back on to the straight and narrow.  A brief meeting of Number Plate Spotters Anonymous took place and we moved on to the mystery object supplied by Dave via Ian and revealed by Ian (confused?  They are both Ian—M).  A reworked Villiers 2F barrel was the item.  Dave explained that windy guns and head studs are not a good combination.  Ian had rescued the assault Villiers and got it back to good order.

We discovered a common factor in our collections; we all seem to hanker after bikes from our youth, either the models we did own or the models we couldn’t afford & never got to own.  It appears that prices have risen at quite a rate recently but are there enough younger collectors come up to purchase bikes when collectors need to realise their assets?

The next meeting on March 8th will be at the Kings Arms again but … shock news!  We will be up north for the April meeting.  Look out North Norfolk, we’re coming.


(*14% increase in attendance from last month)

2 February 2017

Unfortunately there will be no magic lantern show at the February meeting of the Norfolk Section of the EACC on Wednesday 8th February from 19.00hrs (seven o’clock to some) unless you bring your own slides to show us*.  There may be beer, ale or stout.  Rumours of good hot food abound and the company is none too shabby either.

What is required is presence, preferably yours and that of others.  Our diverse county is over 70 miles wide and nearly 50 miles deep so travel may be required by some members & interested parties in order to attend this gathering at the eastern side of Norfolk in the King’s Arms public house, Martham, NR29 4PL.

We welcome suggestions for visits, alternative pubs, venues to meet, interesting people & places to discover.  So come on and join us Wednesday next.


(*slide shows welcome too)

12 January 2017

Seven up, magnificent seven, seven deadly, or whatever 7 you wish to add; there were 7 EACC members at the Kings Arms on January 11th, all enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts.  Two Ians, Dave, Chris, Rod, Matthew & new member John gathered together despite cold weather, flood alerts and dark winter conditions.  Food was scoffed, some had more vinegar than they expected, and beer (or cider) was quaffed.  Much good natured humour and conversation was shared, while some anoraks got an airing too.  Registration numbers, records and number plates were a popular topic of the evening.  Special mention to our newest recruit, John, who provided a ‘guess the bike’ quiz, with answers & had travelled from Sheringham to be with us.  Ian, also from Sheringham, hadn’t met John before so this could be the start of a North Norfolk chapter; watch this space.  At the very least we have good cause to go north for a meeting or two in the coming year.  I wonder how many complete bikes, or V5Cs were represented amongst the 7 of us in total?  I would estimate in excess of 250 over all, but who knows?

Don’t sit at home getting cabin fever, come on and share Mr Edison’s [What about Mr Swan?—Editor] incandescent lighting with us on February 8th, usual time & usual venue.  All welcome, ownership of an eligible bike is not a prerequisite of attendance.


5 January 2017

Hi all,

Are you resolved to give something up in the New Year?  Well hopefully you won’t have given up enthusiasm for mopeds, autocycles and Cyclemotors.  So come and share your interest with other people at the Kings Arms, Martham, NR29 4PL.

From 19:00hrs, Wednesday 11th January for the first meeting of the EACC Norfolk Section in 2017.  All are welcome, regardless of age, gender or any number of definitions.  Fresh food is available from our hosts Lucy & Eric at reasonable prices, so have your evening meal when you get there.  Beverages aplenty too, non-alcoholic for ‘Des’ and good ale for others.

Never mind the weather, get it together and EACC your way to joining us.


Thanks to Chris for last month’s report.

15 December 2016

I arrived early at the Kings Arms to a warm welcome from the landlady and ordered food and drink and then chose a suitable club size table.  Soon after Dave strolled in and, after greeting everyone in the pub, joined me and ordered food.  Talk of all things two-wheeled quickly took off when Dave produced a copy of Which Bike? from years ago, the one with the Queen on the front cover on a moped, and set the challenge of guessing the best moped in their road test and the year of the magazine.  Dinner arrived shortly followed by Ian and a little later by Ian, now we were four and Dave informed us that Mathew wouldn’t be joining us due to illness.  So the three of us rose to Dave’s challenge and eventually got to the correct answers.  Having raised the topic of rust treatment within fuel tanks at the last meeting and got some great advice and insight, I brought along my Mobylette tank which I had subsequently cleaned rust from and treated with a resin coating called SLOSH for inspection.  Discussion on many subjects ensued, Dave recounted a woeful tale of loaned trailer and moped offered and lost, Ian’s new cyclomotor, entering the Mince Pie run, Ian’s recently acquired Suzuki twin with the engine in pieces, well it was just a pile of bits in the photo but he’s sure its the engine, more talk of offered bikes regrettably not taken, 1930s’ three wheelers and, somehow, Boris Karloff, phones, computers, and a brief slip into politics until Dave brought us back onto two wheels again.  Santa had dropped off two tubs of bicycle spanners of varying shape and condition; some were chosen by the assembled and taken away to be played with over Christmas.  The meeting broke up around 9:30pm with conformation of the next meeting date.


9 December 2016

Are you feeling elfy?  Revving up for December revels?  Working out how naughty or nice you have been?  Well, put your festive preparations aside and get over to the Kings Arms at Martham on Wednesday 14th December for the Norfolk Section EACC grand Christmas function.  Dancing girls, mulled wine, roast goose and free gifts: all of these will not be available, but a reasonable chat with like-minded souls from the world of mopeding (also autocycling & cyclemotoring) can be had by anyone who drops by.  The pub provides ambience*, beer, food and somewhere to gather indoors away from the weather.

If you wonder why we meet in the Kings Arms in Martham, it may be because 50% of the attendees find it easy to reach but it could also be because no one else offers to arrange a venue.  We are open to ideas & offers of a place to meet from across Nelson’s County.  Locating a venue is not complex & doesn’t involve much work.

Find a pub

Ask publican if they mind a bunch of EACC members meeting there on the second Wednesday in the month

Tell us.

* Not to be confused with the rare Avez-Nous Ambience French Cyclemotor


9 December 2016

Dear David

I work on the events team at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse and would like to invite you and any of your members to some of our events next year.

We have just had our annual events review meeting and have set dates for our events plan for 2017 so wanted to let you know as soon as possible in case they might be of interest to any of your members.
  1. Rock ’n’ Roll—Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2017.  Our Rock ’n’ Roll event has been such a success over the past 3 years, and for our 2017 RnR event we have decided to focus on the sixties—so mods and rockers, vinyl and vintage scooters, bikes and vehicles.
  2. Father’s Day—Sunday 18th June 2017.  This year’s Father’s Day theme is Big Boys’ Toys so we thought that it would be a great opportunity to invite anyone with a car, truck, bike, or moped from any era who would like to display their vehicle to come along and park their car in our large arena area.
  3. Village at War—Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August 2017.  Our annual Village at War event is as popular as ever, especially with vintage vehicle owners and enactors, so we would be delighted to invite anyone with 1940s or pre-’40s vehicles.

I have attached Booking Forms for all three events, which can be distributed and shared to anyone who might be interested in any or all events.  There will be more information available next year, but please do get in touch if you have any further queries.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes
Lara Cobden
Events Administrator
T. 01362 869259

Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, Gressenhall, Dereham, NR20 4DR

Booking forms can be forwarded on, .

10 November 2016

Hot off the press!  The recent meeting of the Norfolk branch of Mopeds anonymous started in the usual way as each of us sat down and said ‘My name is <insert name here>, I am a mopedaholic’  We discussed how we could manage without mopeds but what harm would one more moped do?  We could give up mopeds at any time but we just didn’t want to right now.

Meanwhile back at the pub, five of us gathered for a pint or two and a chat about many things.  We discussed the price of chrome plating and sat aghast when Ian de Sheringham told us the quotes he’d been given for plating some autocycle parts.  Ian d’Ormesby had brought along some ephemera to be enjoyed including a James catalogue from 1929, much the worse for wear but still enjoyable & the cause of some discussion about trikes and trade bikes amongst other things.  A more modern article detailing many late seventies bikes raised a chuckle and an eyebrow or two as we looked at makes and models we hadn’t seen before or couldn’t recall.  Chris pointed out the crazy prices some Laverdas are fetching nowadays and we all commented on the rising prices of bikes that couldn’t be given away a few years back.  Matthew suggested that people should be buying and hiding away Honda Melodies & Yamaha QTs for future investment.

Dave brought along a bargain gasket set which kept us all foxed until he showed us why it was a bargain. Not spoiling the fun we can let Dave tell you another time.  Amongst other subjects we chatted about jazz music, George Formby’s handwriting, reputed collections of bikes stashed away, making a Fizzy go faster and Eastern European motor cycles.  A bargain Norman and an even cheaper Raleigh also got a mention along the way.

Next meeting at the usual winter venue, Wednesday 14th December.

14 October 2016

Two feet, three wheels & four wheels: all methods used by members and a guest to get to the October meeting of the EACC Norfolk Section.  While three of us ate our evening meal, all five of us enjoyed technical discussions about the wheel bearing cones used on autocycles, particularly the New Hudson variety.  Dr Watson & I learnt that not only is there another New Hudson in the village, which is not owned by the good Doctor, but he also knows the owner’s sister with whom he went to school.  All this information came from a chap whom neither of us knew and who lives a handful of miles away.  Hopefully we didn’t scare him off and he will come back to tell us how the restoration is going and perhaps he will join the EACC too.  We all went easy on the beer because of driving, walking and for at least one of us, paid employment the next day.  General consensus was approval of the great effort made by Copdock Motorcycle Club in putting together another well planned and executed show.  If you have missed or avoided the show give yourself a treat next October and go; it is equal to the Stafford shows and local to many of us.  Newark autojumbles also came in for fair comment too and often attract large crowds with several folk from Norfolk attending often.

Diverse subjects were also covered during the evening, including BBC Radio 4 output, namely ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ & ‘Just a minute’, of which not everyone is a fan.  A good evening in a warm pub with decent company made the meeting pass quickly.  Three of us were the last punters left in the place which was locked up and thrown into darkness as we left, at 22.00hrs, not a busy night.  There are many members in Norfolk so why not come and join us in November.  If you offer us a pub to meet in you won’t need to organise anything more demanding than that.  Good beer and hot food are a useful addition.  Norfolk is over 70 miles wide & 40 miles deep so there must be other places we can meet.  Go on, make us an offer.

14 May 2016

Three men on their bikes.

Stalwarts of the EACC Norfolk Section met up at Chris Way’s homestead and trundled out to the big bike meeting at the Ox & Plough in Old Buckenham.  All three of us made it to the village green.  Dr Watson on his NVT Easy Rider, Matthew on his Vespa Ciao and Chris in his car with the unusually temperamental Excelsior on the carrier attached to his car.  Sadly the 1949 autocycle had made it most of the way before conking out.  Fortunately for Chris his dear lady was able to rescue him (but not the bike).  Some car shuffling got Chris back to the bike and onward to the pub.

Meanwhile an Italiano-British pact of solidarity rode on to pastures new, whereupon the Ciao fell over due to the soft ground of the village green (no damage to green or bike).  No wobbling for the good old British parts bin special, Dave’s NVT never faltered.  We were all well received by fellow bikers who had ignored the nay sayers and the dark clouds to laugh in the face of adversity and rain.  One potential rider with the EACC group had called off due to potential precipitation.  We met up with fellow EACC member Martin on one of the larger bikes in his collection: a Honda CB360.  There was good conversation to be had including tug boats, pub renovation, financial chicanery (not by any who were present) and Excelsior fault finding.  As we chatted a plan was formulating: in June the Norfolk Section will ride from Long Stratton, conveniently sited on the A140, to the Ox & Plough at OB.  Hopefully more brave souls will join us to swell the ranks of what can be 100s of bikes outside the pub.

The dry journey back to Dave’s Berlingo was made all the more exciting by two mopeds sharing one headlamp.  Escorted by Chris we made it safely back and then enjoyed a 40 minute drive in very wet conditions to get safely back to base.  Thanks to Dave for being Des.

Next meeting: June 14th Long Stratton—ride to Old Buckenham or meet us at the Ox & Plough.  Note: As in May our Wednesday meeting is on a Tuesday—we dew diffrunt in Norfolk.

7 May 2016

If anybody is attending Journey Through The Ages, don’t forget applications to show at this event have to be in before the 20th May.
Entry form: www.throughtheages.co.uk/docs/Exhibitor Form 1 2016.pdf
The small print: www.throughtheages.co.uk/docs/Exhibitor Information & Safety Code 2016.pdf
It all looks very official but they are a really friendly lot—mainly Gary from the old Horham Bygones event—and very helpful.  You don’t have to be there for both days.
Don’t all rush!
Regards, Dave

25 April 2016

Fresh cake in vintage Tupperware, hot tea & good company.  Not many braved the iffy weather but those who did so enjoyed the event.  There were few classic out on the road this year; I have seen many more in past years of the FBHVC Drive it day.  I imagine the weather put off the chrome & glitz guys and gals.  It wasn’t a day for sitting on a moped getting alternately frozen, soaked & baked so I took the Mighty Kangoo up to North Walsham to join Dave at the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum.  The place is less of a stuffy mausoleum with glass cases and more of a big shed which could empty your bank account in an instant.  Bikes are stacked two high on shelves & I don’t think you could get a single (or twin) bike more in the place.  There are road eating monsters, run of the mill commuters and scooters so rare they make you blink and look twice.

When I arrived Dave was in conversation with Nick Ward the outstanding motorcycle artist (www.artmondo.net/printworks/artists/past/nick.htm).  I was introduced to Nick and then I pottered about the place enjoying the dust, bikes and atmosphere.  Dave had brought tea and cake with him to share, I couldn’t have cake but the tea was good.  George, the proprietor is a great chap and well worth spending time with.  His sense of humour takes a little working out but he is a genuine bloke who shares his interest freely.  Not long before Dave decided to make one last cuppa another chap turned up; enter Bob King, a cyclemotor fan from beyond Aylsham.  It turned out that we had an acquaintance in common, what a small world it is.  As closing time drew near we made our farewells and toddled home.  There may have been no crowds, no music and no beer but we had a good time and most of the cake lived to see another day.

Photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gnome-service/albums/72157667471674576

24 April 2016

Only in Norfolk!  Our next second Wednesday of the month meeting will be on a Tuesday.  Tuesday 10th May we will be at the Ox & Plough, Old Buckenham for one of their ‘Two Wheel Tuesday’ nights.  Meet 7:00pm at Mount Pleasant, NR17 1XQ (Chris Way’s) and ride to the event … or meet at the pub (NR17 1RN).

17 April 2016

Don’t forget next Sunday: Drive It Day.  Would be good to see members turn up for the afternoon at the Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum.  Doesn’t matter what you are on or in.

15 April 2016

An hour long run in the Not National Park, The Norfolk Broads, taking in windpumps, a marsh harrier, picturesque villages, bridges and cool evening air; all this before it got dark.  This was the first evening run for EACC Norfolk members.  To bring some warmth to our knees we retired to the unofficial HQ of the section, the Kings Arms Martham, where Lucy & Eric made us most welcome.  Much chatting took place & the world was put to rights without causing anyone to be offended.  Beer was supped in moderation (and pint glasses), food was scoffed and a pleasant evening was enjoyed.  Ian rode his larger-than-moped 1960 Ariel Arrow, Dr Watson was on time on his 1981 Batavus Pronto, & I yowled along on my 1974 Vespa (Douglas) Ciao.
As I went to leave the pub, after the others had gone, some folk sitting in the bay window asked what year my moped was and what make it was.  We had a brief chat in which I discovered they were BMW riders visiting friends in the village and that one of them had, in his youth, been a BSA Dandy owner; not everyone would admit that, especially to a complete stranger.
Next month: a meeting somewhere in Norfolk on the second Wednesday of the month…
More from Mother Hen after that meeting.

Thanks Matthew,
It was good to be able to attend after the last few stressful days.  We certainly made the lambs spring into action and I think I will pop back to the mill restoration where the guys came out from their tea break to tell us about a friend who has 10 Raleigh/Mobylettes.  A lot more miles than I was probably expecting for May(?) and returning just as the lights were required.  (Good job as my rear wasn’t working.)

3 April 2016

Ride It Day poster

10 March 2016

I am not sure if two members make a meeting quorate but it didn’t stop Dr Watson & Mother Hen from gathering to have a pint and a mardle [1].  The beer, food, & company was good.  The next meeting might include a short run out because the clocks will have changed by then & we may have enough light to navigate by.  Not much else to report: both members in reasonable fettle and looking forward to a season of ’peds and sunfilled brightfullness.[2]

Next meeting will be April 6th, 7pm-ish at the Kings Arms Martham, bring your machine and ride it, somewhere, perhaps.  All welcome regardless of race(ing), colour, cubic capacity or which way round you wear your collar.

[1] For those of you uneducated in refined speaking, a mardle is a conversation.

[2] Apologies to Keats

11 February 2016

A winter evening in a pub with a log burner is not much hardship.  Add into the mix the good company of fellow enthusiasts and a pint or two of your chosen beverage and the event improves all the more.  Four of us made it to the February meeting of the Norfolk Section. Long distance award goes to Ian, from North Norfolk with the rest of us, Dr Watson, me and non-member Jamie, all living in the village.  Subjects up for discussion were the usual fare of varied and diverse matters, which included, the taxman, employment, civil engineering and autocycles.  Mopeds also made a brief entrance into the chatter.  Ian has done a considerable amount of research into Villiers engine numbers for autocycles and has gained quite a bit of knowledge in linking engine numbers to manufacturers and dates.  No doubt he would have plenty to discuss with our learned friend.

14 January 2016

A Norfolk pub, real ale, good food and good company; sounds like a recipe for an EACC section meeting, perhaps the Norfolk Section?  And so it came to pass, four wise men of the east gathered at a lowly inn.  (Well the inn is above sea level but not by much.)  A convivial evening was had chatting about plans for the coming year both EACC and personal.  Ian, our furthest travelled member (that evening), was more than mildly impressed with tales of daring do in previous jaunts to far flung destinations such as the west of England, Wales and the Outer Hebrides.  Dave won the competition to name the most Hebredian Islands but he had been to most of them, which gave him an advantage.  Jamie recounted descriptions of his latest additions and the need for a larger garage.  We look forward to seeing one of the ‘new’ machines on the club runs which will happen on second Wednesday in the month from May 2016.  Meanwhile we will be meeting each second Wednesday at the Kings Arms in Martham.  If members can offer ideas for alternative locations to start runs please do so by letting Dr Dave Watson know by e-mail, phone, or carrier Coypu, etc.

See you next month?  Oh yes I was the fourth man,
Matthew ‘Mother Hen’

7 January 2016

We will be meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at the Kings Arms, Martham, (unless somebody comes up with an alternative suggestion) until May when we will be organising evening runs.

10 December 2015

We were well pleased with our December meeting.  It was good to see our friend Chris from the Attleborough area then, all the way from Sheringham, a new (multi Excelsior owner) member.  Rod crossed the border from Lowestoft and we were joined by locals Matthew and Jamie.  Then we were joined by a visitor who is returning to the area to care for his father (where there is a partly restored Coventry Eagle autocycle that has been family-owned since 19?? in the loft).


A magnificent seven gathered together to celebrate all things moped, autocycle and cyclemotor at the Kings Arms public house, Martham on 9th December.
Attendees were: Dr Watson, Chris from Attleborough, Rod from Oulton Broad, Ian from Sheringham, Martin from Caister/Boston, Jamie from Martham and yours truly from Gnomewhere special.
Discussion was lively and included narrowboats, tugboats, HGVs, PSVs, LED bulbs, and a variety of other subjects.  Rod gave us a demonstration of LED lighting with a battery, wire, and bulb all produced from his pocket.  We waited for him to produce a sonic screwdriver such was the surprise of his demo.
Ian is a new member who owns a few Excelsiors ’cos one is not enough.  Martin is residing in our local area whilst looking after his Dad and Martin hopes to rediscover the family-owned Coventry-Eagle Auto-ette which is stored in his Dad’s loft.  Watch this space.  I was the only non-autocycle owner in attendance and felt outnumbered.  Food was available in the form of hot meals from the menu and I recommend the home-made Bolognese.  The beer was good too, Rocking Rudolph being a seasonal favourite.
We’ll meet again!  You could be the host if you have a local pub which can cater for happy folk discussing our hobby in Norfolk.


20 November 2015

Our regular monthly meets have been rather low key of late but hopefully we will have a good turnout on the 9th December.  Meet from 7:00 at the Kings Arms, Martham.  Food available; NR29 4PL into the Sat Nav for those who haven’t found us yet.

Sun 24th April 2016 is the date for FBHVC Drive it Day.  No details yet but we will be riding somewhere!

Sat 18th–Sun 19th June 2016 is the Journey through the Ages event at Palgrave near Diss.  We were made very welcome last year and will be attending again.

Fri 1st, Sat 2nd, and Sun 3rd July is the annual Norfolk Camping Weekend.  Same itinerary as previous years with new routes.  No booking required turn up for any part or all weekend.


17 November 2015

November seems too early to be talking about Christmas but there we are, it’s been said now so perhaps we’d better get on with working out what the Norfolk Section is going to do for the December meeting.  No sitting on the lap of some old duffer dressed in red & white.  No naff present brought from Poundland (other cheap shops are available).  No carol singing.  That is those matters dealt with, now for more important details:
Where: The Kings Arms in Martham, local pub to two members and scenic village hostelry to anyone driving past.  Good ale, good welcome, warm staff and hot food.  (NR29 4PL for those not travelling via Stoke & those using SatNaff.)
When: December at a guess, try turning up on the second Wednesday 9/12/2015 at 7-ish.
What: Chat, beer, information, photos, beer & food (if you need it—meals at reasonable prices).


21 August 2015

There’s not much to report really, since the evening run in May.  After that, nobody came up with any suggestions for the next meetings.  Meanwhile, I was just back from Sars Poteries at the time of the June meeting, we were all just getting over the camping weekend in July, and I was just back from the Yarmouth to Yarmouth ride and was also on call for work at the time of the August meeting ... so not a lot happened.

So, in September, we’ll be back at the Kings Arms in Martham to see who’s interested in carrying on.


6 July 2015

EACC Camping Weekend

Well, first of all, a big thank you to Dave Watson for a brill weekend, and the arranging of the campsite facilites (pity about the bogs and shower lark though, Dave!)  Anyway, having found my way to the venue, I met Dave for the first time, and got a big welcome; I had not long pitched my tent when twi guys from Northampton turned up on two Puch bikes, having ridden some 130 miles on their trusty steeds, which took them about 7 hours—Well Done Lads.  We were soon joined by others, so Dave organised a evening ride taking in some wonderful countryside; we went to a chippy that dave said was a must.  Dave had checked this out earlier in the week but, by sod’s law, was closed when we got there (beyond Dave’s control), so most of the riders went into a café–restuarant.  I stood guard on the bikes and there was loads of interest from the public.  My lights on the AV33 didnt want to play ball so I rode in between the others of our group until we arrived back at the campsite with Dave being lead bike and Paul as sweep bike.  Then it was bikes secured and off to the pub at the site entrance: a good local place (The Victoria Inn), not one for the faint-hearted but I enjoyed it: my type of pub.  We had a couple of drinks in there and moved to a more sedate pub a couple of hunderd yards down the road; we discussed how the days events had gone, and everyone agreed it had been brill, then off to bed about 1-30am.

On Saturday morning, we had one hell of a thunderstorm, got wet in the tent.  Come Saturday morning, got up, threw the dosser bag on top of the tent ... it quickly dried.  Conditions were very humid at 7am; about 11am, Dave got all the bikes in line and we had several group photos taken, then we set off on our 60-odd mile run taking in places of interest, got back at about 5pm, had another chat about the day’s events, chilled for a while, then—you guessed—back down the pub.  We met Dave outside the Kings Arms pub and, as the village was having a mini-Gglastonbury, Dave took us over and we enjoyed the band that was on.  Dave’s brother was running a real cider bar there, some of the guys decided to try a tipple (not for me) but it was the real Mccoy.  After a couple of hours there of drinking and listening to the band, we headed back to the campsite and went to bed.

Got up sunday, Dave had planned a breakfast run to one of their local garden centres.  Lo and behold, it started bleeding raining, but most of the guys were so dedicated to following the morning’s event ride that they all agreed they wanted to carry on regardless of the rain.  I did not go as I had not packed my waterproofs, so I told Dave that I would not be carrying on.  Dave gave me a short cut route back to the site and I was back in no time.  When I got back I decided that, due to the weather, I would the tent down and head homeat about 1:30pm.  I thought Dave and the rest of the guys would be back by then but no one to be seen ... would like to have thanked Dave and the rest of the guys & gals for making it such a great weekend.

Footnote: we covered over 100 Miles over the weekend and this must be a first for me with no breakdowns at all.  I personally did a 320-mile round trip and would not have missed it for the world.  A big thanks to the guy who fetched me my new chrome wheel rims from Danny.  If any of you are thinking of going to this one next year: what a great weekend!

More than chuffed,
John Bann (Rotherham Roamers)

28 June 2015

The first EACC Camping Weekend in the Broadland village of Martham.
3rd to 5th July 2015

Held in conjunction with Martham Fun Carnival.  Basic camping facilities are provided in the pub grounds, electric hook up available.  Road runs and meals out, taking in local attractions and the Broadland scenery.  No need to book, turn up and stay for as long or short as you wish.  Day visitors welcome.


Pub checked for beer last night—lovely day for a recce for next Saturday.  Leave Martham 11:00 prompt for a 27-mile run to Whitwell Station (via a short break at Wroxham).  Followed by a 16-mile run to meet our old friend George at the Motorcycle Museum, North Walsham.  Then head to the coast on a 20-mile run back to camp at Martham.  If the weather is as good as today it should be good day out; if not the visit to Whitwell maybe deleted and a shorter route to the Museum and back would be possible.

Map of route


22 June 2015

Journey Through The Ages: Vintage Rally and Country Fair, Goodrich Park, Palgrave, IP22 1BA
20th & 21st June 2015

First visit for me on what was the third time for this event, born out of previous shows that have ceased to run.  It’s not everybody’s idea of fun but I enjoyed the event and would hope to do it again next year.  The plan (mine) was to be next to Keith with his Cyclemotor display but we were split up and just my four bikes (Moto Graziella, Berini on Hercules bike, Excelsior Consort and Bown Autocycle) and a PC50 were under the new EACC Norfolk Section banner That was a bit disappointing but two others (Norman Nippy and Excelsior Autobyk) and two members on bigger bikes were also present).<

Sunday was much better (although the PC50 was not present); my four were together with the other two and were joined by Tony with four excellently presented Yamahas plus an Italian sports ’ped, which made an impressive line up.

Saturday was OK and I know more about tractor pulling than previously; we got away without the threatening clouds actually dumping on us, and a drink with two members who were exhibiting (not bikes) was enjoyable.

Sunday was much better with the extra bikes and much chatting to the public; no offers of sheds to be cleared but several contacts were made.  Happy Days.

My pictures are at: www.flickr.com/photos/40103650@N04/sets/72157654862275462


15 May 2015

Four riders of the apocalypse rode forth, and the apocalypse slowly took place.  We had a 25% success rate at some points with three machines spluttering and coughing along but before that we had a grand ride out.  The four riders were Ian Munroe [Ariel Arrow – not leader], Jamie Utting [New Hudson autocycle], Dave Watson [Peugeot Vogue], Matthew Hodder [Vespa (Douglas) Ciao].  The route took us along sunlight lanes in Broadland and took in the villages of Thurne, Fleggburgh, Thrigby, Mautby, Filby, Ormesby and ... for Dave ... Hemsby.

Sunset over Norfolk

We enjoyed photo opportunities at Thurne and Filby before getting down to regular stops for a spluttering autocycle.  Just before we reached Ormesby the Ciao coughed too and Dave’s Vogue, whilst running well, would not tick over.  Two of us admitted defeat and were rescued by Ian who popped home to select a three wheeler (from his fleet) with which to take us back to our respective four wheelers.  We picked up our bikes and adjourned to the Kings Arms in Martham.  Meanwhile, Dave discovered the disaster of the night, our intended chippy was shut.  New battle plan at the pub: Mein Host came up trumps, relit the fryer and produced ham, egg and chips for us at 10pm.  What a star!

Awards (if we had them)

Distance: To the event, Ian on the Arrow.

Of the event: Dave who managed the whole ride.

Wreck of the ride: NH autocycle.

Bike we’d most like to take home: the Arrow, faultless and the mount of our rescuer.

Overall assessment: A darn good ride, great fun with decent folk, a good shake down for the Ciao, which was MoT’d that very morning.  Dave’s pictures are at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/40103650@N04/sets/72157650435899914.

Next month: mystery ride somewhere in Norfolk organised by ********** at ******.  You fill in the blanks.


3 May 2015

Another happy autocycling day to Flixton Aviation Museum 50-mile round trip for the trusty Bown.  Good to see Nick Perry all the way from a wet Felixstowe on the Simpson.  Rod again getting the non-existent Iron Man award for riding his Mini-Motor from Lowestoft.  Dave Whatling was there with his Cyclemaster trike (also his 1940s Morris van).  Good to see West Norfolk member Brian Lilly ride in (from nearby) with wife in car.  Matthew Noped has now lost that title as he brought along the recently acquired Ciao to show us.  Two other members came along to say hello as they were exhibiting their vehicles: Jeremy with his Spitfire (Triumph I think, sure he didn’t fly in) and ???? with his Series 1 Land Rover.  Everybody else missed a fine day with plenty to see at the museum as well as the cars; the carvery at the adjacent Buck pub was excellent.  My pictures are at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/40103650@N04/sets/72157652182272432/

Our ext event is the regular Wednesday evening meeting of the second Wednesday of the month; these are informal events so turn up on or in anything you have.  The plan is to move these events around the county, but as nobody has suggested a venue it will be The Kings Arms, Martham again (please, we need somewhere different for June).  Meet at 7:00pm prompt for a run out (or if wet we will still meet in the pub).

Don’t forget the Journey Through the Ages event at Palgrave Near Diss Norfolk. https://www.facebook.com/events/1387859008190476/

We have a club stand both days and a run on the Saturday evening.  No need to attend both days but bookings have to be made with the event organisers before 22nd May to receive entry tickets.


19 April 2015

Wed 6th April was the last of the evening meetings before the summer runs.  The Kings Arms, Martham was the venue and it was good to see returning member Paul Stephenson all the way from Castle Acre pop in as he was on wife driving duties.  Chris was there from Norwich, as were locals Jamie and Ian; an enjoyable evening was had and we departed at 11:00.

Don’t forget it’s the FBHVC Drive It Day next Sunday and we will be visiting the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton.  The plan is to ride in from various locations to the Museum (free entry), which is open from 10:00 to 5:00, so arrive and depart any time to suit yourselves—but it would be good to have as many as possible present between 12:00 and 2:00.

Wed May 13th is the date for the first evening run but this is not cast in stone and we can be flexible; we just need somebody to volunteer to organise a run around their local area, a visit to POI, chip shop or pub that does food is usually a good idea as some of us do work.

6 April 2015

Happy Easter to all our readers.  Hopefully the better weather and light evenings are giving time to finish projects and get out riding.  Staying lighter later will also let you get to the Kings Arms, Martham, NR29 4PL for the April meeting.  Come and join us from 7.30pm on Wednesday 8th April (this week) for good company, good beer (food available) and a good mardle about mopeds, etc, etc.  Bring your two, three, or more wheelers, photos, or mystery object to discuss.
See you there.

29 March 2015

Easter is here (just about) and the clocks are going forward as we look forward to the sixth meeting of the Norfolk Section of the EACC on Wednesday 8th April at 19:30hrs (7.30pm).  Quite where we will meet is a mystery because no one has come forward yet to suggest a meeting place.  If no other offers arise then Dr Watson will choose between one or other of the hostelries in Martham but now is the opportunity for you to offer your local as a venue for an evening of good humoured moped chat.  Please let Dave know as soon as possible if you have a venue in mind.

12 March 2015

Eddie’s choice of venue for the March meeting of the Norfolk Section of EACC was a master stroke of genius.  The foot hills of South Norfolk attracted a crowd of eleven.  (The ladies’ section was not represented but is always welcome.)  Members from the coast, the Fine City, and the North Suffolk metropolis of Wattisfield joined local EACC members in Attleborough Snooker Club for an evening of spritely repartee.  It was particularly good to have Keith Flood, an original EACC member from the early days of the Club, with us.  Keith brought along a quantity of Autocycle-related literature from his extensive library.  He is willing to part with some interesting pieces of literature, including sales leaflets and books.  Three no-pedders were in the crowd; all are welcome if they are interested in our hobby.  It was good to hear tales of restorations, rides, and other interests.  There was a distinctly nautical flavour to some conversations between boat owners among the group.  The wider conversations included painting, (spray & house decoration). Morris Minors, steam launches, and pub meals.

The April meeting is open to offers; please consider inviting us to your local pub, club, or licensed premises for Wednesday April 8th.  Future months meetings will include runs out on machines as the evenings give us sufficient light to ride out.

23 February 2015

The next instalment of the saga of the Norfolk Section of EACC will take place at Attleborough Snooker Club, London Road, Attleborough, NR17 2BX on Wednesday 11th March, from 7.30pm.  All interested parties are welcome to come and join us for a friendly chat and a pint.  Following the success of our last get-together when we had nine members in one place, it would be good to see you there if you can make it out on a weekday evening.  There may be lifts available from the Norwich direction if you need help with transport.  Obviously mopeds are most welcome.

Reminder: The First Ride Out event for the Norfolk section is on Sunday 26th April when we will be part of the ‘Drive It Day’, a national event for classic vehicles.  We will ride in, from home locations, to the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton, Bungay, NR35 1NZ, where we hope to meet up with members from Suffolk and beyond.  The aim is to have our machines there from 12:00hrs to 14:00hrs.  The museum is open from 10:00hrs–17:00hrs with plenty to see, refreshments on site and a pub close to the entrance.

14 February 2015

What a turn out!  9 members from Norfolk and Suffolk gathered together for the 4th meeting of the Norfolk section.  Much happy chatter ensued and good quality beer was quaffed in moderation.  Folks had travelled from as far afield as Attleborough, Dereham, Norwich, Oulton Broad and closer addresses too.  Many topics were covered including forthcoming events, rides, maiden voyages (for some) epic routes from Dr Watson, and mechanical wonders.  The topics got steamy when two members realised they had both been involved in a 105-mile traction engine run in the 1990s.  We are a group with diverse interests and a great deal of knowledge about many subjects, including tug boats.  It was as good a winter evening as one could hope to have amongst good company.  As new folk meet up new friendships are being formed and information shared, which is after all what we set about to do.  So don’t just read the accounts of our meetings, come along and join us. Perhaps you could host a meeting in your local pub, club or other venue or maybe you have a favourite ride you’d like to share one evening?  Thanks to Matthew for the above.

March meeting (2nd Wednesday) will most probably be held in the Attleborough area.

31 January 2015

Only 11 days until the next meeting of the EACC Norfolk Section, possibly less if you are reading this after the 1st of February.  All interested parties are welcome to meet at the recently re-opened Kings Arms, Martham, NR29 4PL on Wednesday 11th February from 19:30hrs (7.30pm).  Good selection of real ales and a warm comfortable bar without too much noise. Come and have a mardle over a pint with like-minded moped people.  The pub also benefits from a moped friendly landlord.  Thank you to Dr Watson for in depth market research of this venue.

Forthcoming events:

Palgrave near Diss; Journey Through The Ages 21st & 22nd June—book your place with the event organisers www.throughtheages.co.uk

Flixton near Bungay, Suffolk as part of the National ‘Drive it Day’ the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum is hosting all comers on Sunday 26th April to bring their classic machinery out for the day.  Norfolk and Suffolk EACC sections will be in attendance.  Ride there on your own and meet up, or ride in with others from your area.  Museum open from 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs; arrive when you like, core time for visit & meet up is 12:00 to 14:00hrs, leave when you’ve had enough.

25 January 2015

Friday night’s Martham, Kings Arms dry run was neither dry nor a run.  Walked to the recently reopened KA with the view to holding a future meeting there (my excuse and sticking by it).  Good to have my local open again as a free house serving a selection of 4 real ales.  Quite busy and a bit noisy to start with, the teatime drinkers in good spirit.  A pleasant evening was had as the rain was lashing down outside, as the evening drew to a close after several pints it was time to ask mine host about an evening meeting, and what a surprise in that in a previous life he has owned a motorbike shop, was an agent for ? (forgot what he said) and we discussed the Ariel 3, he was very keen to have us along and would we be bringing the bikes?  Said yes to holding a summer run later and that we will hold the February evening meeting there on Wed 11th from 7.30ish.

18 January 2015

Last word from Matthew was ‘shall I do a report’, as he hasn’t supplied anything yet I will have to do it.  January’s meeting it could be said was not the booming success I had hoped for but hey-ho a very pleasant evening for the five of us was enjoyed at the Victoria, Hockering.  No food but we knew that any way and Matthew and I had fish & chips before leaving Norwich.  The pub was an unknown but will certainly be visited again.  Mike Duffin came along and gave us details of the Bantam club will be holding their National Rally in Norfolk in conjunction with the Starting Handle Club event at Marsham on the weekend of Friday 5th to Sunday 9th August (won’t be able to make it myself on the Sat but hope to attend on the Sun).  More details to follow.  Local members Gary and George joined us and we doubled the head count for the pub.  We will be attending the Journey through the Ages event near Diss for the weekend 20th & 21st June, the EACC will be having a club stand both days and there will be a run out on the Saturday evening.  Good beer, a log fire (no juke box, Rod) friendly bar staff and jovial locals and it is still closer that any Suffolk events for me, like I say we will be back, possibly before the evening runs start in May but then hopefully will have one of the evening runs in the area.

... and then as if by magic this came in.

Five go wild in Hockering, well not quite.  5 members of the Norfolk section gathered in the Victoria Inn at Hockering where a blazing log fire warmed the locals and a radiator roasted Dr Watson.  Good conversation was the art of the evening aided by good ale & Guinness.  Some members travelled half way across the county whilst others had only come from a few minutes’ drive away.  The event at Palgrave in was discussed with enthusiasm the Journey Through The Ages: Vintage Rally and Country Fair.  Goodrich Park, Palgrave IP22 1BA 20th & 21st June 2015.  This will be an official EACC event so come on in and join the folks on a club stand.  Next meeting will be second Wednesday in February, watch this space.

11 January 2015

As mentioned last week I have phoned Gary who was the organizer of Horham Bygones.  He is very enthusiastic about having the club at Palgrave.  He said if the club gets in touch nearer the time we can have a defined area (as much as the club asks for) near the motorbikes, which would also be close to the camping area.  As it is the eve of the longest day we could have an evening run (he also said we could arrange a run out from the event, personally I would stay on site).

4 January 2015

Welcome one and all to the January meeting of the EACC Norfolk section.  This month we will be meeting on 14th January at 7pm, in new territory, Hockering near East Dereham.  We hope some of the central and more westerly members will be able to catch up with fellow members at The Victoria Pub in The Street, Hockering, NR20 3HL. All EACC members & friends are welcome, particularly those living in Norfolk.  Bring along your tales and photos of two wheelers past and present.  Any offers for the February meeting gratefully accepted.  This isn’t a big commitment, just check out your local pub and we will turn up as per your suggestion.  Good beer and food available is handy too.  Also wanted are suggestions for events to attend as a club section.  If you know of local events which we could add interest to then let us know.  Don’t forget the section camping weekend in July at Martham.

19 October 2014

Composed by the might of Watson & Hodder.

EACC Norfolk Camping Weekend 2015 Friday 3rd July–Sunday 5th July, Victoria Inn, Martham, NR29 4QT.  The first EACC Camping Weekend in the Broadland village of Martham.  Held in conjunction with Martham Fun Carnival.  Basic camping facilities are provided in the pub grounds, electric hook up available.  Road runs and meals out, taking in local attractions and the Broadland scenery.  No need to book, turn up and stay for as long or short as you wish; Day visitors welcome.  Friday 19:00hrs, Chip shop run through local villages and byways.  Saturday 11:00hrs, A day out: road run for all machines to a local attraction.  Saturday 18:00hrs, Short run out for meal, return for entertainment on the village green, a local band.  Sunday 10:00hrs, breakfast run for a Full English & a look around the local area.  Returning to Martham for the afternoon carnival procession.  Evening run out if sufficient interest.

16 October 2014

Hi Andrew, what is required to have a new section?  Thinking of starting a Norfolk section.

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