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Paul Efreme, 14 Lisa Close, BILLERICAY, Essex, CM12 0QT
01277 657106

The Reservoir Dogs Run is now established as a regular Essex Section event; the run gets its name from the route which crosses Aberton reservoir a couple of times.
Paul Efreme is our co-ordinator in Essex and he is always keen to hear from fellow EACC members in Essex; you can e-mail him at .  Essex members often support the events organised by Suffolk Section.

Lancashire Slow Riders

Lancashire Slow-Riders

Paul Morgan
07709 914134

Facebook logo

The Lancashire Slow Riders will be having a stand at Heskin Steam Rally again this year.  This will be held over the jubilee bank holiday weekend 2–5 June, so a 4-day event.  Malt Kiln Farm, Tincklers Lane, Eccleston, Chorley, PR7 5QY is the venue. We will be holding a LSR/EACC stand for the full four days and you’re welcome to display your classic/vintage moped/bike on the stand.  Camping is available on site with good facilities and an excellent beer tent.  And it’s free to camp.  Ride outs are planned each day after the show.  Check our Facebook page for details or e-mail us at .

The LSR will be attending the Hundred End Lane Transport Show 10—12 June at Hundred End Lane, Hesketh Bank ,Lancashire PR4 6XL.  Ride outs are planned for Friday evening and Saturday 4.00pm around the west Lancashire lanes, all very moped friendly routes.  The show is free admission but a donation to local charities is welcomed.  Limited camping available free of charge.  Great weekend with evening entertainment and hotpot supper.  See our Facebook page for updates or contact us at .

Not a lot happens during Jan-march, but we did have a very successful indoor event at Manchester bike show.  If the weather improves we may do a few ad hoc rides and these will be posted on our Facebook page, maybe at short notice.  We are still looking for a suitable venue to hold our monthly meetings and have a few options but nothing confirmed yet.

Paul Newton


Ray Paice
07709 914134

After a promising start to the Mid-Shires section, about three years ago, we met regularly at the Sywell Aviator Hotel but the numbers slowly dropped off to such an extent we had to give up on regular evening meetings.  I have no doubt that everyone had genuine reasons from the messages I received but it was disappointing.  However, five of us retired members have refused to give up and we have been meeting for a lunchtime meeting at least once a month throughout the Covid period, following the rules of course, and it’s always good to go to a pub!  Shortly after ‘Midshires’ started we arranged a 42-mile ride out starting at the beautiful Grafham Water, which was well supported by EACC members but only a few members of our own section attended.  Since then four of our five have been travelling around the UK supporting and enjoying rally weekends.  From Rotherham Roamers annual weekend, where one ‘famous editor’ had an unfortunate loss, to the Kent meet for the annual challenge of Rye Hill.  That event was well attended last year and had some 30 bikes lined up for photos on the Sunday before we all went home.  We would be more than happy to increase the numbers and recently I have been contacted by a couple of people who are interested in joining us so we are trying to arrange meetings, whereby those busy having to work for a living can join us.  If we can get the numbers up we would be interested in organising more formal group rides or maybe even our own rally weekend.


North Hertfordshire

North Hertfordshire section holds the annual ‘Periwinkle’ Run and on Sunday 13 August 2017 it was dedicated as The Peter Smith Memorial Periwinkle Ride in memory of the run’s former organiser.  The Periwinkle Run continues as an annual event and is now organised by Andy Cousins.  The other annual event is the Steeple Morden Run; this is a mid-week event in September organised by David Osborn.

Additionally, the section is involved with the VMCC Cyclemotor Section’s ‘Nasty’ Run each April and the NACC’s Vincent Run in October.


Dave Watson
07483 210625

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The Norfolk Section arranges events within Nelson’s county.  We have established regular meetings, which involve mopeds, autocycles, cyclemotors and a pub … somewhere in Norfolk on the second Wednesday of each month   They include road runs in the summer months.  So if you are interested in owning, restoring or riding low powered machines from the past, no matter what age or condition your machine, you are most welcome here in the county well suited to ‘gutless wonders’.  Contact Dave Watson on 07483 210625 or e-mail for more details.  Read more…

Spring the clocks forward: Sunday 27 March

We meet at Martham Village Hall, White St, Martham, NR29 4PG from half past nine.  The village hall event has a large concrete car park,
Martham Village Hall
while tea, coffee, toilets, etc, will be available before and after the run.  At eleven o’clock we pedal off for a 15-mile amble up the coast to sunny Walcott.
Walcott Café
Cafe, fish & chips, and ice cream are available—or have a picnic on the beach.
Walcott beach
Then it’s an inland amble back to the village hall.

Dave Watson

Mid-Shires Section

Ray Paice
07799 662203

A really great day at our Inaugural Mid Shires Ride from Grafham Water with some 24 Riders at the start, a couple of breakdowns on the route to the lunch stop which, due to an eleventh hour change of venue, was at the Three Compasses in Upper Dean,  They opened their doors with a great welcome.

The following pictures give an idea of the run and also the fantastic venue for the event; made even better with the glorious weather.

Those supporting the event made all the effort of Ray and myself worthwhile.

Matt Embleton.

EACC Mid Shires Ride 2019 EACC Mid Shires Ride 2019
More pictures…

North East Tiddlers

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Ron Paterson

You could be forgiven for thinking that the North East section of the EACC doesn’t exist—but you'd be wrong.  It was late 2019 when I put my name forward to start the north east section and my e-mail address has appeared in The MAC ever since.  It’s true that a certain unplanned global event (that shall remain unspoken) has transpired to slow things down but we are making progress, albeit slow and steady, up here in the North East.

First, we have our own Facebook Group, called ‘NE Tiddlers’ with 50 members currently.  Activity level on the Group page is ‘regular’ but can always be improved, so please search for us, join and comment and help us to grow.

During our first year we managed to have two group rides: the inaugural ‘Twin Peaks Challenge’ and a more relaxed ‘Mid-Teesdale Tiddle’. Both were held in good weather and thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.  As everyone knows the North East is not that flat, particularly as you head inland, so what better way celebrate our area than riding the Twin Peaks Challenge?  Starting at Wolsingham in Weardale we had ten participants, one of which was a rather nice Bond 3-wheeler who offered to ride tail end Charlie.  Our route started with a gentle ride up the valley to Frosterly before turning south, crossing the river and climbing up and over the hills into Teesdale.  We turned right just above Langdon Beck and headed up towards Harthope Moss at 2,240 feet above sea level. Amazingly, we all made it to the summit.  After lunch, we ventured further up the valley towards Wearhead and Cowshill.  A truly memorable, 48-mile, inaugural event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all and will be repeated this year.  Why not join us if you are ’ard enough?

The Mid-Teesdale Tiddle ride was a much more leisurely event, starting from the Roman Fort in Piercebridge. The route took us north west towards Hamsterley forest on quiet country roads, with a lunch stop at Teesdale Cheesemakers in Copley.  The return leg took us over the UK’s oldest road suspension bridge at Whorlton, opened in 1831.  (The bridge has since been closed and is awaiting major structural repair, so we'll need an another route for our 2021 event.)

These events will be repeated this year and I hope to add some new ones.  Watch out for the dates and please come along and join us if you can.

Ron Paterson

South Somerset

Joe Walker
01458 251127

If you would be interested rides or meetings in the South Somerset area, please give Joe a call on 01458 251127.

S.E.M.E. (aka South East Moped Enthusiasts)

07771 705627

07887 950921

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The South East Moped Enthusiasts (S.E.M.E) organise at least eight events a year: three weekend and five midweek ride outs (runs) during the summer riding season.  S.E.M.E events will be briefly outlined on this club’s web page, also follow us for much further information on our S.E.M.E group page on Facebook.  We welcome all types of small engined bikes and micro cars to our events, though it must be pointed out that the nature of the terrain where most of our ride outs take place may require the use of a slightly more robust small-engine machine, unless of course you are extremely fit!

We look forward as always to meeting friendly enthusiastic people who share an interest in riding their small-engined bikes.

Throughout the last two tumultuous years S.E.M.E has carried on holding its scheduled runs, a total of 16 in all.  It’s occurred to us there is never a more socially distanced thing to do than ride a moped with other enthusiasts!  Our runs are usually well attended and the fact that we seem to specialise in mid-week events seems never to affect our turnout attendances.  For 2022 we hope to introduce two new rides and, In ensuing years, we hope to do the same and rest some of our regular events and maybe return to them at some point, we’ll just see how it turns out.  We now look forward to a fairly busy summer schedule and hope that we will see more new riders join us.  Already there has been plenty of interest shown by our Facebook group members.  Incidentally, at the time of compiling this, we are running at about 520 Facebook group members, from every hemisphere of the world.

As usual Sharon—our master route planner—will lead most of our rides and our policy of riding as a group and only as fast as the slowest bike mostly ensures that we all set off together and arrive together.  These days we are unable to provide back-up support, which incidentally was much needed in our early years.  The need for this has largely been eliminated as our riders have mostly switched to slightly more robust machines owing to the nature of the terrain we have to negotiate.  Not to worry however, should a breakdown occur we will not abandon you on some lonely country lane, you will be rescued.  These days we do not issue run notes for our events, however if you feel you would like a copy then please contact Sharon before the event and she will email you a PDF attachment for you to print out.

It is advisable if you are coming along to one of our rides to let us know by e-mail, text or phone.  In this way we can keep you informed if for some reason the ride has to be postponed.  To this end our Facebook page and all our regular riders will be updated before an event.

EACC Suffolk logo


Neil Morley

Mark Daniels, 52B Levington Lane, Bucklesham, IPSWICH, IP10 0DZ
01473 716817

Although the club has members all over the country, Suffolk is the county that’s best represented in the membership, simply because that’s where the club started.  Therefore, we’ve had a full programme of events in Suffolk since the club was revived in 2007.  Regular Suffolk Section events are the Mince Pie Run in January, Radar Run in April, the East Anglian Run in May, Peninsularis Run in July, Coprolite Run in September and Kneel’s Wheels in November.  Additionally, the section organises the club’s presence at Copdock Motor Cycle Show.  Members in the Ipswich and Felixstowe area regularly meet every week—on Tuesday evenings at Walton Half MoonRead more…

Following the fantastically attended Mince Pie Run on 3 January, Suffolk Section slides into the usual winter ‘off-season’ due to the adverse weather conditions on the East Coast at this time of year, so nothing actually to report, though there are some major events on the horizon…

Our next Suffolk Section event on the calendar is Paul Nelmes’s Radar Run on 10 April from Bromeswell village hall.  Following the disappointment of cancellations in the last couple of years, the event now looks very sure to go ahead.  Based from a village hall means full reception facilities available on arrival, and with a mopedjumble, so this event has consistently achieved big turnouts in the past and we’re anticipating another popular turnout.  It’s a superb circuit around the Bawdsey peninsula, with lots of historical interest details on the course notes as you travel the course, like: riding past ‘Butley Clumps, near Butley Priory Gatehouse—groups of four Beech trees with a Scots Pine in the middle, planted by the monks, though most are now cut down to stumps’, and at ‘Shingle Street, where the road ends at Martello A-A Tower, and foundations of The Lifeboat Inn, blown up in bomb tests by Barnes Wallis.  Here from the beach, Martello Z Tower can be seen in the distance to the South’.  The Radar Run is titled after establishment of the first radar development at Bawdsey Manor, and takes in Martello W tower at East Lane, with ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ towers to the north and WW2 features along the course.  There is also a Suffolk Military Vehicle Trust run occurring on this same day, to the old RAF site and Rotor underground Bloodhound missile station, where John Berry will be doing a talk about the history of the radar site.  For anyone wishing to attend this, we’re hoping to be able to synchronise this with the second section of the Radar Run to Bawdsey Manor, and specific details will be available on the day of the run.  Looking across the Deben river from Bawdsey point, views of further Martello towers ‘U’ and ‘T’ can also be seen beyond Felixstowe Ferry, which is the destination of the Coprolite Run later on in the season.

Andrew has also posted the ‘East Anglian Run’ from Iliffe Way Car Park, Stowmarket on Sunday 22 May, and marks the 40th anniversary of the EACC’s very first event on 23 May 1982, and will be run in the style of that original event.  Please come with a cyclemotor or autocycle if you can, as the EACC would like as many riders as possible to be using the same sort of machines as were on the very first run.

Mark Gibb has scheduled his ‘Teenage Tantrum Run’ from Bruisyard Village Hall opening 9:00 on 12 June, and will follow the same format as in 2021, stopping for lunch at Sizewell Café on the coast.  The run will be approximately 25 miles, with everyone welcome, and the usual free day membership if you're not an EACC member.

Further news is that we’re getting the Peninsularis Run back in its original format this year, based back at Bucklesham village hall, with reception catering facilities, and a mopedjumble. 

The event is scheduled for Sunday 10 July.  Peninsularis became a casualty of the virus regulations in 2020, though managed to return in 2021 by starting from the Foxhall Air Museum to circumnavigate the prohibitive village hall regulations.

See you on the road,

West Anglian Group

The section was formed when the ‘St Neots Boys’, Ralph Richardson & Alex Lees, came up with the idea of holding a West Anglian Run on 28th September 2008.  This was a resounding success with 32 riders signed on for the ride and several other members coming along for the jumble - or was it for the bacon rolls?

The section used to organise the Duloe Daffodil Dash every year but the village hall at Duloe, where we meet at the start and finish of the ride, has been declared unsafe.  Instead, for the 2019 run, the Mid-Shires Section is incorporated a large chunk of the Daffodil Dash route into its event on May 12th.


Steve Hoffmann
07891 251118

Firstly, we have a stand at the Bristol Classic Bike Show (26th/27th Feb 2022), where we hope to display around 20 machines.  This will be our first time at the show representing the EACC and we are very much hoping to create a positive impression at the event for both small bikes and the club.  There still have a few spare slots at the moment if anyone is interested.  Contact me for details.

Facebook logo

We have our own private Facebook page (The Wiltshire Whizzers) now, with around 67 members currently.  The Facebook site includes regular posts on restorations, runs, events and all things related to our passion for small bikes: take a look.  This site has replaced the The Whizzer magazine, which is no longer in production.

There will be a full calendar of runs in 2022, taking place both mid-week and at the weekend.  Currently, assuming the Covid situation allows, to have at least two a month.  This builds on the successes of 2021.

I will keep you posted with further updates more regularly in the future!
Steve Hoffmann

EACC Yorkshire logo

Rotherham Roamers

John Bann, 23 Westvale Grove, Thrybergh, ROTHERHAM, South Yorkshire, S65 4JA.
01709 961434
07798 731951

Our sixth EACC Northern Section Rotherham Rally is planned for 10th-12th June.  The venue is Hooton Lodge Farm camping and fishing site, Kilnhurst Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.  Showers and toilets are available.  There are electrical hook ups should anyone require them, but these are limited.  Also open to non members.  Should anyone require further information, you can contact me via the contact details above.
John Bann

Any more?

If you’re interested in starting a section in your area, please get in touch (the e-mail address is at the bottom of this page).  Above all, we want the club to be driven by the enthusiasm of its members so, if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know them.  If you’re tempted to have a go at running an event, we’ve prepared some guidelines on how to do it … but if you have any questions at all, please ask.


Every Tuesday

EACC and FMCC members can be found at the Half Moon, Walton, Felixstowe late on Tuesday evenings.

Wednesday 18th May

S.E.M.E. The Will it or Won’t It Run.
Meet at the green in Brockham by the café RH3 7JS.  The usual 11:00am start time and enjoy a 34.5 mile ride out in some of Surrey’s most enchanting countryside.
For more information of this ride call or text Sharon on 07771 705627, or e-mail .

Sunday 22nd May

The 40th Anniversary East Anglian Run starts at Iliffe Way, Stowmarket.
We’ll meet in the Iliffe Way car park—as near as we can get to the starting point of the first run. There is a toilet block nearby … and a Costa if anyone’s desperate for a coffee.  The run sets off at 11:00.  There will be a drink stop at the Five Bells in Rattlesden.  Then we return to Stowmarket.  Note that the pub does not do meals and, normally, we’d go back to the Osier Café at the Museum of East Anglian Life; the museum has just changed to being the Food Museum and the caféis getting a make-over as part of the re-branding.  It might not have re-opened by the time of out run, so you might like to bring a packed lunch.  This is the oldest-established event in our calendar: the first East Anglian run on 23rd May 1982 was the very first event staged by the EACC. We’d like the run to be held in the spirit of the original run of 40 years ago so please, if you can, come on an autocycle or a cyclemotor.  There will be a shorter route available for the cyclemotorists.
The route sheets and GPX tracks for this run are available soon on our documents page.
All welcome - free Day Membership if you’re not an EACC member.

Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June

EACC Lancashire Slow Riders at Heskin Staem Rally, at Malt Kiln Farn, Chorley, PR7 5QY.  Free camping available.  Club stand on all four day plus a ride out each evening.  More details on the LSR Facebook Page or please contact Paul .

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June

The sixth EACC Northern Camping Weekend at Hooton Lodge Farm camping and fishing site, Kilnhurst Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S65 4TE.
Showers and toilets available.  Places can be booked on the Hooton Lodge Website, or you can the site owner, Charlie, on 07817 939458.
Electrical hook ups should anyone require them, but these are limited.  Also open to non-members, spouses, partners, pets…

Please feel free to contact John Bann: 07798 731951 or , for more information.

Sunday 12th June

Teenage Tantrum Run starting from Bruisyard Village Hall (IP17 2DX).
This run will be the same format last year with a stop for lunch at Sizewell Café on the coast.

Sunday 12th June

S.E.M.E. The Surrey Vineyard Run.
A ride out starting from Shalford Station car park (GU4 8HD) at 11:00, which is located south of Guildford.  A 35-mile ride out with a lunch stop at the Barley Mow, Tilford at 23 miles.
For more information call or text Chris on 07881 792893, or e-mail .

Sunday 26th June

S.E.M.E. South Downs Run.
Meet at the Civic Approach car park, High Street, Uckfield, TN22 1AR; starts at 11:00am.  Enjoy 34 miles of Sussex countryside with a great lunch stop at Six Bells biker friendly pub; if the weather is good there is always a large selection of bikes to look at.
For more details call or text Sharon on 07771 705627 or e-mail .

Sunday 10th July

Peninsularis Run and Mopedjumble from Bucklesham Village Hall.
A busy and atmospheric day that is one of the major events on the cyclemotoring calendar; it features full reception facilities and free refreshments on arrival.  The route is a superb and fully marked course through the quiet countryside of the Felixstowe peninsula, including a super riders’ section between Nacton and Levington, a classic drag down a ‘passing place’ road to Trimley, lanes through to Falkenham, Kirton, the greenhouse village of Newbourne, then more lanes on to Waldringfield Maybush, an idyllic spot for lunch and ale in the sunshine.  The jumble is supported by both the larger trade stands and the smaller pitches of club members.  Please call us if you’d like to book a jumble spot in the hall or the car park ( or tel: 01473 716817).  The jumble opens 9:30am, the run sets off at 11:00am, the jumble re-opens at 2:00pm when the run returns.
The route sheets and GPX tracks for this run are available on our documents page.
All welcome—free Day Membership if you’re not an EACC member.

Wednesday 13th July

S.E.M.E. The Whyteleafe L.P.A. starts from Leas Road, Warlingham CR6 9LN.
We meet near to ‘Willy Pit Pond’.  11:00 depart and enjoy 38.7 miles as we skirt the edge of suburbia and head out into the countryside.  We will be stopping at the Black Horse pub for our lunch break.
For any further information call or text Sharon on 07771 705627.

Sunday 24th July

S.E.M.E. The Run to Rye
Sharon’s new ride for this year, meet at Headcorn Railway Station car park (TN27 9SD).  11:00am start for this 44-mile round trip using mainly country lanes to the quaint town of Rye.  Once there, soak up the atmosphere, see many bikes and boats, walk the cobbled streets, enjoy the choice of many hostelries.
For any further information call or text Sharon on 07771 705627 or e-mail .

Thursday 11th August

S.E.M.E. ‘The Marsh Owlers’ Run from Dungeness Old Lighthouse & RHDR station car park, Kent, TN29 9NA.
Usual start time of 11:00am, a 37-mile meander on the quiet Romney Marsh roads.  This is the only completely flat route that S.E.M.E. ride during our season.  An ideal opportunity to ride your cyclemotor, or other low-powered machine.  All of our runs are ridden at the speed of our slowest participant.
Can any potential participants text or phone Sharon on 07771 705627, or e-mail ?

Saturday 13th August

Roger Romney Brown is organising a club display of cyclemotors at St Andrews Summer Fête, Melton; this will be a small static display of motor assisted bicycles, ie: Cyclemaster, Winged Wheel, Mini-Motor, etc. If you can help, please contact Roger on 07881 627 591.

Weekend 19th–21st August

EACC Lancashire Slow Riders Fylde Coast Rally, at Whittingham and Goosnargh near Preston, Lancashire.  Camping available.  More details on the LSR Facebook Page or please contact Paul .

Sunday 4th September

Club stand at the 30th East Anglian Copdock Bike Show, Trinity Park (Suffolk Show Ground), Ipswich.  Please e-mail Martin Gates if you'd like to help or supply machines for the stand.
Note: this event is somewhat earlier than in 2021 and a month before its ‘traditional’ date.

Wednesday 7th September

S.E.M.E. The Pevensey Levels Run
Meet at the public car park on the B2202 in Horsebridge BN27 4DJ.  The usual 11:00am start for a 39-mile ride across the levels and a lot more.  Lunch is at the picturesque Lakeside Café.
For more information on this ride call or text Sharon on 07771 705627 or e-mail .

Sunday 11th September

Provisional date tor The Reservoir Dogs Run class="small">It is expected that, as before, we will head out from the Marks Tey Diner at 11:00 and stop at the Railway in Kelverdon.  More details later.

Wednesday 28th September

S.E.M.E. The Mole Valley Run.
Meet up in Haroldslea Road, Horley RH6 3DR at the usual 11:00am start time for a ride of 35.8 miles along the East and West Sussex borders with a lunch stop at the Scarlett Arms pub.
For any further information call or text Sharon on 07771 705628 or e-mail

Sunday 13th November

Kneel’s Wheels and the EACC AGM at Coddenham village hall (IP6 9SR).
The last mopedjumble of the season combined with a tour of the quiet Suffolk lanes.  The lunch stop will be at Claydon Crown.
Coddenham is on the B1078.  Leave the A14 at its junction with the A140 and the B1078 is the first turning to the right off the A140.  Coddenham is the first village along the road.  After the road snakes around the church, turn left in the village centre.  The village hall is along this road on the right.
Please contact the organiser for more information or to reserve a jumble space (telephone Neil Morley on 01473 743587).
The route map and GPX tracks for this run can be downloaded from our documents page.
The paperwork for the AGM will also be available later on our documents page.

A Warm Welcome

The EACC extends a warm welcome to anyone who comes to our events - whether you are a club member or not.  All we ask of non-members is that they register as ‘day members’.  This is required for insurance purposes and is free of charge.